Appreciation Through Education

Working at The Natural Sapphire Company offers an amazing opportunity that many people wouldn’t really be able to appreciate.  The opportunity I refer to relates to the amazing sapphires and rubies we sell here, and I am happy to be able to appreciate these wonders more fully because of my training as a gemologist.

round blue sapphire

Natural Untreated Round Blue Sapphire

I did my gemological training with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in their New York, NY campus.  There I learned all about properly identifying, grading, and discussing the myriad of fascinating gems available for use in jewelry.  I had never known there were so many different types of gems – hundreds of different kinds all with different characteristics and benefits!  It was overwhelming at first, especially with GIA’s rigorous pacing and exacting standards to keep up with, but slowly over the months I began to come to know these gems in depth.  Before long I was proudly finishing grading reports with ease and identifying scores of obscure and more well known gems with speed and accuracy.

One of the skills they focused on especially at GIA was the ability to detect synthetic and treated gems.  It was there I learned how common treatments and synthetics were in the market and how rare it was to find certain gems available for jewelry that hadn’t received some major treatment to change how it looked.  Sapphires and rubies topped the list of stones that were almost never completely natural in the jewelry market; in fact, they are so rare untreated that the teachers joked that issue was not detecting whether there was treatment, but in identifying properly what kind of treatment it was!  In school, we had to be extra careful when handling untreated rubies and sapphires, since if we lost them we would be responsible for the much higher cost of replacing them.  We got the opportunity to identify thousands of gems at GIA, and hundreds of sapphires and rubies of treated and untreated varieties.  Only a tiny fraction of these sapphires and rubies were untreated – and this at the world’s leading school for gemology! We were all duly impressed with the amazing rarity of these completely natural wonders.

oval blue sapphire

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company, I am continually blown away by the fact that we have thousands of these amazingly rare gems – sapphires and rubies collected from the farthest reaches of the world, filtered out from quite literally millions of their treated counterparts, to be available to our customers here in one place.

Natural Ruby

Natural Untreated Ruby

I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with these treasures and hope just hope I don’t lose that sense of wonder and become spoiled by seeing every day what most people never see in their whole lives!