Answering your questions about jewelry care!

I had the pleasure of working with an extremely nice customer recently and we collaborated for a little while as she was looking for a sapphire engagement ring so we wanted to get everything perfect for her. She finally received her natural untreated sapphire engagement ring and was very happy with the outcome but she had one more very important question. 

Pear shaped pink sapphire ring halo design with tapered pave shank

Her pear shaped pink sapphire set in a halo setting with a tapered pave set band.

She wrote:

I thought I was done but I do have one last question regarding the cleaning of the ring – with the pave design what is the best way to keep the stones and setting clean?  Would you advise using an ultrasonic cleaner, or would this cause the stones to loosen? Is there another option you think would be preferable?

That is a great question. That’s when we thought about jewelry care. I advise against an ultrasonic cleaner, if used improperly it can loosen or damage gemstones. The best way to care for your ring, which holds true for most jewelry, is to have it professionally cleaned and have the stones checked approximately every six months. In between professional cleaning you can wash your jewelry with simple warm soapy water (diluted dish soap works well), making sure you rinse thoroughly to remove the soap residue. Do not use toothpaste as it is an abrasive. If needed gently use a soft brush. Do not soak your jewelry.



Ideally you should remove jewelry when washing your hands and showering, however you should make sure they are not in a place where they can fall in the drain or be forgotten. Also remember you should always remove sapphire jewelry when you are using cleaning products or when swimming in a chlorinated pool as bleach and other chemicals will affect the color of the metal. Most importantly enjoy your sapphire ring and other sapphire jewelry!