Alternative Bridal Trends for 2020

2020 is proving to be a big year for alternative bridal! Brides are looking for something different, and there are many ways sapphires contribute to this trend. 

Stone Shapes

Say goodbye to the classic round shapes in favor of new, trendy shapes such as pear, radiant, and emerald cut. Each stone lends a different look to the ring, and all of them can help the wearer express their individuality. Emerald cuts have been particularly hot leading into 2020, with their sharp lines, excellent clarity, and large flashes of reflection. They make for a show stopping piece every time!

 A selection of our sapphire engagement rings, featuring an emerald-cut, a pear shape, and a radiant-cut sapphire

Stone Colors

Padparadscha, peach, and light Greenish-Blues are all the rage this year. Brides are turning away from past years that featured darker and more heavily saturated stones, the pastel colors are now having their time in the sun. Additionally we are seeing a rise in popularity of bi-color sapphires, that feature two colors in one stone. These are some of the most uncommon sapphires on the market and make something that is truly a special masterpiece.

Beautiful violet, purplish pink with color zoning and peach colored sapphires in diamond studded settings
A selection of pastel colored sapphires and bi-colored sapphires


The recent growth in popularity of irregular stones like salt and pepper diamonds has also translated into a bridal trend for all colored stones. Sapphires with certain inclusions can be gorgeous and can reflect the light in a wonderful way. If you can look past the imperfections, you can see some truly glorious pieces that have these remnants of nature right there inside. 

An array of sapphires that show rutile inclusions, feather inclusions, and iron oxide staining

Whichever bridal trend you choose to embrace, any of these suggestions are a great place to look for something rare and special that you can feel is truly your own.