All Women Look Pretty In Pink…. Sapphires That Is

Whenever you purchase a piece of jewelry you want to get something which is fit for everyday wear.  Of course you don’t want to get anything boring and cheap, but you also don’t want to get anything that is to intricate or gaudy.  One option that is perfectly suited for everyday wear is a stunning pink sapphire pendant.

Pink has long since been the color that represents the female gender, but very often women do not feel completely comfortable wearing pink outfits or accessories.  Here at the Natural Sapphire Company we are looking to get women more comfortable with the idea of wearing pink sapphire jewelry, as it can really add a delicate touch of femininity and beauty to your outfit.  A dazzling pink sapphire pendant can look extremely appealing and really help to enhance the beauty of an outfit.

So if you are looking to add an enticing spark to your wardrobe then I recommend considering creating a custom pink sapphire pendant.  We have an extremely large inventory of natural pink sapphires in a variety of shapes, sizes and saturations, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect stone for your new favorite pendant.  If you have a hard time deciding what design to create for your favorite pink sapphire, below are some charming options for you to choose from.

Pink Sapphire Pendant

This is an extremely simple yet elegant pendant using a magnificent round pink sapphire that is bezel set in white golf and surrounded by pave diamonds.  The pave diamonds sit back a little bit and help to accentuate the natural beauty of this enticing sapphire.  This classically beautiful pendant is perfect for casual everyday wear or a formal event.

pink sapphire pendant view 2

This fascinating natural oval pink sapphire sent into this delicate teardrop shaped pendant has a very refined and modern feel to it that is simply gorgeous.  This sapphire pendant is not to flashy and would work perfectly with many outfits; so why not add a little bit of class and flair to your normal workday attire with this lovely pink sapphire pendant.

pink sapphire pendant view 3

If you are looking to turn heads with a pendant then look no further and go ahead and create this stunner.   This pink sapphire has an extremely vivid color tone sure to catch anyone’s eye and most likely make your girlfriends jealous.  This solitaire pendant has a very simplistic modern feel to it that allows the beauty of the stone to radiate outward and doesn’t distract from the stones natural beauty by using super detailed or intricate designs.

These are just three examples of custom pendants that you could create with us here at The Natural Sapphire Company, but don’t think these are your only options.  We have a beautiful selection of natural pink sapphires in our inventory along with an array of pendant options for you to choose from, so go ahead and start your search today.

The thought that ladies look pretty in pink is starting to seem true now.