A five star company with beautiful sapphires- Great Reputation Review

I purchased two 1.5 Ct sapphires at The Natural Sapphire company after reading somewhat
about sapphires and watching their YouTube videos. I dealt exclusively with, Caitlyn, their senior gemologist and head of sales.
She was simply wonderful! While I did select my own sapphires from their website she explained every question I had about them through emails and phone calls. She sent pictures of the sapphires resting on her fingers so that I would have an idea of their true size and appearance. I want to stress that I would not have purchased these sapphires without Caitlyn’s advice. I received both yesterday and they are just stunning! I couldn’t be more pleased. They’re so, so beautiful that I’m afraid to even touch them. Thank you for everything Caitlyn!

Glen white Blue sapphire ring

A Five Star Company With Beautiful Sapphires-Blue Sapphire Ring- The Natural Sapphire Company.

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