Custom Antique Setting 3D design wins top award in Gemvision Competition

Recently I entered a custom sapphire ring design of mine into the 2008 Gemvision competition.  I decided to go with an antique style for my design, and of course a natural untreated sapphire.  In building this sapphire ring design I wanted it to have a very organic feel to it, and I think the final product really accentuates that fact.  I chose to go with the combination of rose gold and a natural untreated pink sapphire.  I think the rose gold really helps to intensify the overall color of the natural pink sapphire.  This custom sapphire mounting, all though it has a very free flowing organic feel to it, is actually a very technically difficult design to create.  You can see all the detail that went into the design if you look at the picture below which shows a 3D Design.

sapphire ring design

Overall I was very pleased with my sapphire ring design, and it earned me 3rd place for technical merit in the competition.  To design this piece I used a jewelry specific CAD software, which is fantastic for sapphire jewelry design.

Custom Antique Design for our Natural Untreated Sapphires

Custom Antique Design for our Natural Untreated Sapphires

This charming custom antique setting is now available on our site as JS10, and you are not restricted to using rose gold and a natural untreated pink sapphire, in fact you can choose the natural sapphire of your dreams and then choose whichever metal you prefer to have surrounding your beautiful natural sapphire.  To inquire about this beautiful design, another design, or any of our stunning natural sapphires contact us by email or phone and we will be more than willing to accommodate your needs.