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  Wow. They can now grow diamonds! Huge ones! in laboratories, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from those that come out of the ground. This has to be great on so many levels. Beautiful diamond jewellery for all, as no doubt … Continue Reading

Sapphires have been considered a worthy gemstones since 800BC. The Romans were the first to utilize engagement rings to demonstrate the respectable plans of the man of the hour. The custom of engagement rings as we right now know it … Continue Reading

  “I’m so sorry, you must think I am a right pain asking so many questions …”. Not in the least. What quickly dawned on me after starting as a sales representative at The Natural Sapphire Company, was that my … Continue Reading

It’s not daily that the informal “Ruler of Diamonds” purchases the same Ruby at closeout for the second time in succession. That was precisely what happened a month ago when Laurence Graff paid $8.6 million at the closeout in Geneva … Continue Reading

A bride whose hand-made engagement ring was stolen at a Wisborough Green church on her wedding day has enjoyed a ‘fairy tale ending’ to the saga after being given an exact replica by a kind-hearted jeweler. Caroline Granshaw was left … Continue Reading