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What is Milgrain? Often described as, “you know, the little dots around the edges,” milgrain detail is essentially a rolled texture applied to a piece of jewelry’s edges by a jeweler. Not to be confused with the ancient art of … Continue Reading

You don’t have to be getting married to adorn yourself with a sapphire ring, and right hand sapphire rings can be as unique, simple, or extravagant as you like. While the famous/infamous cocktail ring can be considered a Right Hand … Continue Reading

Before the days of such horrid things as synthetic diamonds, and synthetic cubic zirconia (CZ), the most popular imitation for diamonds was the natural white sapphire. Still maintaining its status as a natural and precious gemstone, and delivering exceptional hardness … Continue Reading

January: Garnet      April: Diamond     July: Ruby     October: Opal & Tourmaline February: Amethyst    May: Emerald   August: Peridot   November: Topaz & Citrine March: Aquamarine     June: Pearl & Alexandrite      September: Sapphire December: Turquoise, Zircon, & Tanzanite Dating back thousands of years, with origins believed … Continue Reading

We are living in an incredible time for jewelry. It is doubtful that our own era will have a defining characteristic of design such as that of the early 1900’s Art Nouveau, followed by the Art Deco movement, but what … Continue Reading

Known as the ‘four somethings,’ this classic rhyme describes to the bride what 4 items she must have for good luck on her wedding day. While the meanings of the somethings may not be widely understood, the tradition continues at … Continue Reading