2014 Engagement Ring Trends

A Happy New Year to all!!! With the new year begun, we can now begin the guessing game of what 2014 will hold for jewelry trends. Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 was Emerald Green, and the fashion world certainly saw green on the red carpet so to speak, however green played a major role in engagement ring trends this past year with many proposals being made with green sapphire engagement rings. Though emeralds may hang from Hollywood ears, they will not stand the test of time as an engagement ring stone. As the trend towards colored gemstones and “statement” pieces continues, the allure of the myriad sapphire colors and its hardness second only to diamond has made sapphire the known gem of choice for colored gemstone engagement rings.

Green Sapphire

6.45ct Cushion Cut Green Sapphire

If you’re looking for something new and fresh for this year, Pantone has already released 2014’s Color of the Year , Radiant Orchid, a vibrant pinkish purple hue that will surely make for a year of unique jewelry possibilities. As for sapphire jewelry the options include not only purple sapphires but also the full range of tone and saturation for pink sapphires, which often have a purplish component.  If this is the year you’re planning to propose, consider making the year even more memorable by following not only the design trends for engagement rings, but the color trends as well.

Pink Sapphire Ring    radiant-orchid and pink sapphiresTrillion Pink Sapphire

One engagement ring trend that we have seen developing strongly over the last year, and the fashion industry is expecting will be popular in 2014 is the East-West orientation of the center gemstone. This design trend turns your average oval, marquise, or emerald cut so that it points across your finger. This creates not only a unique engagement ring, but also the appearance of a larger stone. Take a look at our inventory of sapphire engagement rings and imagine the stone pointing in a different direction. We have made many custom sapphire engagement rings with the East-West gem orientation, and we are more than ready to create a ring to welcome the trend as well as the New Year. If you need one right away, we have a beautiful natural ruby engagement ring in the East-West fashion.

Ruby Ring

As always the classic engagement ring styles continue to reign with popularity. The diamond halo, and especially the double-halo were popular in 2013, and that trend is also expected to continue. Consider the halo a frame for the sapphire or ruby you choose to symbolize your love. Want the color and the flash, but not to be too flashy? Consider the ever-popular three stone engagement rings as a gorgeous answer.  It is easy to imagine the beauty and brilliance of a “radiant orchid” purplish pink sapphire set between two perfectly matched and fiery diamonds. It is easy to imagine such beauty and brilliance could last forever.

Pink Sapphire Ring