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On January 17, 1920, under the terms of the recently ratified 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the production, sale, and distribution of alcohol nationwide was banned, and the country was called Dry. Though the new law may have … Continue Reading

If you’re reading this, you’re ether considering proposing this New Year’s Eve or possibly hoping to be proposed to.  Whether you’re hoping to give it or wear it, New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and let it be known there … Continue Reading

It can be imagined that when mankind was first able to see color, before there was a word to describe it; yellow was certainly the most important and valued. Whether it was the color of the sun that grew our … Continue Reading

Before the advent of such things as Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Synthetic Moissanite, and other synthetically produced colorless stones; natural white sapphires were and still are a beautiful alternative to the colorless diamond. Though it doesn’t have the same degree of … Continue Reading

In a time when it’s no longer the social “requirement” to have a diamond engagement ring and the colors of sapphire and ruby have taken center stage in the bridal jewelry market, there still lies the decision as to what … Continue Reading

Being attracted to and adorning ourselves with flowers and all sorts of natural things is nothing new, as picking a flower was probably the first attainment of beauty by mankind – we saw it, we wanted it, we picked it! … Continue Reading

If you read any technological news you probably know all about this, and if not, you may have noticed after typing the word “sapphire” into your search engine that the first and fifteenth result had something to do with Apple, … Continue Reading

While diamonds are thought to symbolize strength and eternity, and sapphires represent truth & fidelity; rubies with their fiery red hues, since their first discovery, have symbolized romance, passion, and undying love. Combining the color of fire that has warmed … Continue Reading

The constantly evolving world of Estate Jewelry fascinates me as new material always comes out of the woodwork. We are launching our Antique and Estate Jewelry Section, and my search for treasures has led me to some fascinating places. It … Continue Reading

Padparadscha Sapphire is the only sapphire that is given its own name. The word is derived from the Sanskrit/Sinhalese word “padmaraga” that denotes the color of the lotus flower. Often described as a mix between a lotus flower and a … Continue Reading