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Recently, my father sent me an article from Forbes magazine called The Joy of Feeling Valued, detailing how even simple words of encouragement or praise can drastically improve a person’s mental disposition.  One of my favorite things about working at … Continue Reading

Gem Therapy is the process of improving your life through understanding your birth chart and wearing the appropriate gem. Through this process and harnessing the energy of the suitable planet one can improve various aspects of their lives. There are … Continue Reading

Back in 2009 reports surfaced that the Smithsonian had plans to remake the Hope Diamond into a new necklace. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of when Harry Winston himself donated the stone to the Institute. I personally didn’t like … Continue Reading

Tin Maung (no last name for security reasons) manages our Mogok, Burma office.  He manages our day to day buying of natural untreated rubies and sapphires, as well acts as our correspondent about news and happenings in this enchanted mining … Continue Reading

For centuries, Burmese rubies have been known as the finest rubies in the world.  The term “Burmese” carries a connotation of exceptional quality and rarity unmatched in rubies from any other origin.  Cousins of sapphires, rubies are the red variety … Continue Reading

The Ruby Statement Pieces from Our New Inventory We’ve recently added a number of statement pieces to our sapphire and ruby jewelry inventory. As July’s birthstone is ruby, I’m going to focus this post on our new and notable ruby … Continue Reading