Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bridal jewelry means more than just an engagement ring and a wedding band.   It also means finding the perfect jewelry to compliment your wedding day vision. Its everyone’s dream to have a fairy tale wedding with fabulous dresses, flowers and most … Continue Reading

We want to hear from you! We recently received a parcel of gorgeous natural sapphires in a rainbow of unique colors.  Natural, untreated sapphires are already so rare…imagine a bracelet made entirely of them! I spent a part of my … Continue Reading

Not the “Lord of the Ring”, but my Dream Ring I love sapphires.  I come from the land of the gems, Burma, known for its variety of different gemstones.  I have always picked sapphire as my favorite gem.  I love … Continue Reading

Spring is in the air here in New York City! This is my favorite time of year as we celebrate nature’s renewal with a burst of fresh and lively colors after the bleak darkness of winter. Why not add a … Continue Reading

What is a Ruby? A Sapphire of course!  Very specifically – a red sapphire. All colors of sapphires (and rubies) belong to the same mineral family called Corundum.  Members of the corundum family have the same chemical composition and only … Continue Reading