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The Natural Sapphire Company sells blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and uniquely colored sapphires. Our most basic combination is that of the blue-hued sapphire in combination with a ring of white metal, most commonly white gold,  but sometimes palladium … Continue Reading

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, thoughts turn to the question of appropriate gifts to celebrate motherhood.  The same issue can arise throughout the year with the custom of the push present, but in spring, young or old, a father’s … Continue Reading

The sun is shining … the birds are singing … your heart is overflowing with joy, because you’re in love.  Getting married is the inevitable next step!  That said, there might be a few … hindrances.  Like, for example, the … Continue Reading

Jewelry packs a strong punch, impression-wise, for something that’s rather small, proportionally speaking: even a wide-band ring is unlikely to measure more than 20 mm (at most), or 2 mm in thickness at the average.  However, this small world is … Continue Reading

It’s that time of year once more … the Oscars have come round! While the Oscars are putatively a celebration of cinematic achievement, it’s pretty well accepted that right after the honor of being nominated and the victory of receiving … Continue Reading

Those of you who are not satisfied watching a simple looping clip animation or still images on a website will now have the chance to have fun with the interactive 3D viewer on our website. This program allows you to … Continue Reading

Happy Holi! The Festival of Colours, as it is known, begins on the day after the full moon in the month of Phalunga (February/March according to the Western calendar), and continues for 5 days of merriment and celebration.   Holi has … Continue Reading