Monthly Archives: February 2010

Some people call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday: I figure, no matter what the reasoning behind it, why would you ever pass up an opportunity to tell your beloved how you feel? Sweets for the sweet, indeed, but are you … Continue Reading

White gold, palladium, or platinum?  It can be hard to pick and choose between the three precious white metals (if you like yellow or rose gold, you’re in the clear – there aren’t really any serious alternative alloys out there).  So … Continue Reading

Online shopping can seem a little intimidating sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with jewelry.  How can you buy something so valuable and so personal sight unseen, right? Would you buy your engagement ring online?  If you were looking for a … Continue Reading

We’re about to launch a new system for our jewelry suggestions.  Here at The Natural Sapphire Company, we do a lot of custom work.  Through this service, we produce custom jewelry pieces for customers; blue sapphire rings,  and red ruby … Continue Reading