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Even if you’re a regular aficionado of natural sapphires and The Natural Sapphire Company, odds are good that some of our offerings might have escaped your attention, by dint of being on a section of the site you don’t normally … Continue Reading

It’s nice to know that after this miserable winter, we’re only moments away from spring, and all its beauty. In the meantime, our natural untreated sapphires can provide customers, not only with the satisfaction of high quality gems, but also … Continue Reading

The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in making custom jewelry settings, and in customizing our own preexisting semi mountings to best meet the customer’s vision.  One of our customers recently bought a natural blue sapphire ring from us. This blue sapphire … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we pride ourselves on having the world’s largest and greatest collection of natural untreated sapphires.  This reputation is one we are proud of and in order to keep this reputation up we must be … Continue Reading

When we think of England’s Crown Jewels, we think of orbs and scepters, but first and foremost, we think of the Imperial State Crown, adorned with its 3 great gems. Kept in the Tower of London, the Imperial State Crown … Continue Reading

Romance is for every day, not just Valentine’s Day.  Every year, we hear protests against Valentine’s Day.  “It’s an artificial holiday!” the haters cry.  “You should show your partner how much you love them every day!” they say.  It’s an … Continue Reading

Women are complex creatures … or so we’ve been told. Whenever we think of getting ourselves a piece of jewelry, especially beautiful and colorful natural sapphires, we consider many details, such as: will this sapphire color compliment my skin tone? … Continue Reading

They say a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies, but that doesn’t mean that even the most virtuous of women wouldn’t appreciate one!  The thing is, just as she’s truly, honestly, and really virtuous – a phrase that possesses … Continue Reading

The diamond market is a relatively new industry created through a marketing phenomenon.  Not too long ago the diamond market was created and controlled by a massive mining cartel called DeBeers.  The company controlled dozens of mines worldwide for generations.  … Continue Reading

They say that no two snowflakes are alike, and they’re right.  Well, the same goes for sapphires.  Heated sapphires can acquire a sort of an assembly-line resemblance to one another, having taken chance out of the equation, but when you … Continue Reading