2010 Spring Colors in Natural Sapphire!

It’s nice to know that after this miserable winter, we’re only moments away from spring, and all its beauty.

spring color trends for sapphires

In the meantime, our natural untreated sapphires can provide customers, not only with the satisfaction of high quality gems, but also with a taste of the brightness that’s to come with hot spring colors!

Each season, tastemakers decree the direction that fashion will take with a rainbow of possibilities, weaving a tapestry of colors from earthy tones, eye-catching brights and soft water colors.  This season, we are to have nine color stories ….

The colors that have been chosen are “Fusion Coral, Tomato Puree, Pink Champagne, Amparo Blue, Dried Herb, Violet Sapphire, Aurora, Turquoise, and Tuscany and Eucalyptus.”

To go with this spring’s themes, we have a range of unique color untreated natural sapphire in stock.

2010 Color and Setting Trends

Here is a selection of stones in our design collection; Fusion Coral Sapphire(PA8), Tomato Puree Sapphire(U2826), Pink Champagne Sapphire(U2713), Amparo Blue Sapphire(B2369), Dried Herb Sapphire(U2824).

2010 Color and Setting Trends

Violet sapphire (U2509), Aurora Sapphire (U2123), Turquoise Sapphire (U2872), Tuscany Sapphire (U2708).

I promise you that these 9 colors in our untreated natural sapphire will astound you with the best, most luscious, and most mouthwateringly saturated presentation of these colors, which paper, fabric, glass and treated sapphire just cannot do.

Even if you don’t really care about trends, why not take advantage of the opportunity that they present for introducing you to something new to recover from this long, cold winter?