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For men, cufflinks can be the perfect way to express your individuality and jewelry sense without having to wear the typical jewelry piece such as a sapphire ring.  They are an extremely great fashion accessory for men whether you just … Continue Reading

Sapphires have been extremely prized gemstones since well before the time of Christ and are extremely steeped in history. Like every precious thing having a history, the precious stones have a sapphire history.  Certain cultures even believed that the Earth … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we have some absolutely stunning heart shaped sapphires ranging from natural blue, yellow, pink and unique colored stones.  All of our heart shaped sapphires are magnificent but personally I enjoy the pink heart shapes … Continue Reading

Recently we have had numerous customers come to us in order to create them a custom sapphire engagement ring, and now more and more of these customers are coming back to us to create their wedding bands. I reviewed our … Continue Reading

Gemstones have been sought and cherished throughout human history.  The earliest civilizations adorned themselves with crystals.  They believed they had mystical powers to protect and heal the wearer.  Today natural sapphires are used for sapphire engagement rings at an ever … Continue Reading

At the NSC customer satisfaction is of prime importance.  As many people come to The Natural Sapphire Company to create the engagement ring of their dreams, we want to ensure that their experience will be a pleasant one. When we … Continue Reading

Over the years we have sold numerous natural sapphires for different special occasions.  All of our natural untreated sapphires are one of a kind stones and a lot of the times these unique stones cannot just be thrown into your … Continue Reading

One way to wear a band that makes a fashion statement as well as a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection is to make it using stunning natural sapphires!  Here are a few examples of different style natural sapphire bands … Continue Reading

With just days until the official start of spring, fashionistas everywhere are updating their sapphire jewelry to reflect the new season.  Bright colors are always appealing in the spring and summer, and this year is no exception.  Warm colors of … Continue Reading

As everyone tires of the gray and dreary days of winter, we can look toward the vibrant colors of our sapphires and of spring time. The pastel pink sapphire P573 looks simply stunning in this delicate setting. This natural sapphire … Continue Reading