Monthly Archives: September 2009

Working at The Natural Sapphire Company offers an amazing opportunity that many people wouldn’t really be able to appreciate.  The opportunity I refer to relates to the amazing sapphires and rubies we sell here, and I am happy to be … Continue Reading

Whenever you purchase a piece of jewelry you want to get something which is fit for everyday wear.  Of course you don’t want to get anything boring and cheap, but you also don’t want to get anything that is to … Continue Reading

The Hope Diamond is undergoing a design change. This is quite surprising to many people, as the legendary diamond has been on display for decades in the same necklace setting.  Although millions of people come to see the Hope Diamond, … Continue Reading

Also in the works here at The Natural Sapphire Company is the Jewelry Suggestion module.  I’m really pumped to be in on the development of this; it’s an exciting component of our site that will help our customers find just … Continue Reading

If you have found that perfect someone, then it is now time to find the perfect engagement ring.  This extremely unique wedding set is exceptionally elegant without being to over the top or gaudy.  Say you want to use a … Continue Reading