The 10 Most Amazing Sapphires Ever Sold At Auction

Sapphires and colored gemstones are tantalizing jewelry lovers everywhere. All around the world in 2014, colored gemstones were the most popular and sought after items at jewelry auctions. Jewelry experts have predicted an increase in demand for beautiful colored stones in 2015. Consistent with this growing trend, more brides-to-be are choosing diamond alternatives and colored gemstones for their wedding & engagement rings. Here, we highlight our all time favorite sapphire jewels ever sold at auction.

Our Top Ten List of Stunning Sapphires Sold at Auction

1. Blue Belle of Asia – The Most Expensive Blue Sapphire


The Blue Belle Of Asia

The Blue Belle Of Asia earns the title of the most expensive blue sapphire in the world, after selling for $17,305,996 at Christie’s Geneva in November 2014. This 392.52-carat untreated Ceylon sapphire features a cushion-cut stone that draws your gaze into the depths of its captivating blue prism. The stone set a world record for the highest price paid at auction for a sapphire!

2. The Kashmir Sapphire – An Amazing Deep Blue Gemstone


Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring In Ballerina Setting

This 28.18-carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring sold for $5,093,000 at Sotheby’s NYC in April of 2014. The spectacular, unheated deep blue gem is encircled by tapered baguette diamonds in a ballerina setting. The setting, like a ballerina’s tutu, draws your eye to the deep velvety blue of this prized stone.

3. The Richelieu Sapphire – The Vintage Blue Sapphire


The Richelieu Sapphires

The Richelieu Sapphires were auctioned at Sotheby’s Geneva for $8,358,520 in November 2013 at 26.66 and 20.88-carats respectively. Each piece of this enchanting pair is set with a untreated cushion-shaped sapphire suspended from a star set with diamonds. It was presented as a wedding gift to the Odile de Richelieu in the 17th century and has made it’s way to one lucky modern day lady. It goes to show, good style and taste are eternal.

4. The Oval Beauty – A Burmese Sapphire


Unmounted Burmese Sapphire

This 114.74-carat untreated Burmese Sapphire, sold for $7,223,285 at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2013. A natural sapphire from Burma of this color with it’s quality and size is a rarity. We can’t imagine what the owner’s plans are for this whopping stone but we’re pretty sure this cornflower blue beauty will shine on any item of jewelry with the right design.

5. Antique Style Sapphire and Diamond Brooch – The Purest Sapphire


Antique Style Sapphire & Diamond Brooch

A Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Brooch weighing 130.50-carats sold at Christie’s Geneva in May 2011 for $7,127,453. This cushion-shaped unthreated blue sapphire mounted in gold and silver is framed by rose-cut diamonds. The Swiss gemological institute documented the stone as having qualities of the finest sapphires with well balanced trace elements, making it a clear, pure blue.

6. The Rockfeller Sapphire Ring – A Rare Burmese Sapphire


The Rockefeller sapphire Ring

The Rockefeller Sapphire, a 62.02-carat, rectangular-cut natural unheated & untreated sapphire mounted in platinum and flanked by diamonds, sold for $3,031,000 at Christie’s NYC in April 2011. The sleek and modern design once owned by the Rockefeller family, was created by Tiffany & Co. It’s color is classified as a deep intense blue, characteristics of an exceptional Burmese Sapphire.

7. Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring – A Sparkling Blue Jewel 


A Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring

This 42.28-carat, cushion-cut Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring sold for $3,458,420 at Christie’s Geneva in November 2008. According to the Swiss Gemological Institute, this expensive blue sapphire originated from Kashmir, with no signs of heating or other treatment. Anyone would be lucky to have this on their finger!

8. The Burmese Sapphire & Diamond Brooch – A Mellerio Design


A Mellerio Designed Sapphire Brooch

This 47.15-carat Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Brooch by Mellerio, fetched $3,648,894 at Christie’s Geneva in May 2012. This royal blue, octagonal-cut sapphire is surrounded by a brilliant diamond ribbon. The traditional design evokes the royal jewels, this stunner is fit for a queen and the stone has not gone though and signs of treatment or heating.

9. The Star Of Kashmir– An Exceptional Treasure


The Star Of Kashmir

The Star Of Kashmir, a 19.88-carat natural & untreated cushion-shaped sapphire with a pair of diamonds at its sides, sold at Christie’s Geneva in May 2013 for $3,484,142. A simple, yet elegant design, this modern jewelry piece perfectly shows off the beautiful rich blue of the sapphire.

10. Cote D’Azur’ Brooch, By Anna Hu – A Contemporary Jewel


Anna Hu “Joaillerie Cote D’Azur” Brooch

The 58.29-carat Unique Sapphire and Multi-Gem ’Côte D’Azur’ Brooch by Anna Hu sold for $4,569,684 at Christie’s Geneva in November 2013. The centerpiece of this fine creation is an untreated blue cushion-shaped sapphire mounted in gold and surrounded by a cascade of various gems in a floral design. A true masterpiece and collector’s item.

Our Own Epic Sapphire

At The Natural Sapphire Company, we are familiar with exceptional sapphires. We have our own auction-worthy gem known as “The Titan’s Eye.” This exquisite treasure is the largest natural, untreated & unheated blue sapphire available for sale in the United States. The gem weighs 69.35-carats and is flawlessly set in a custom, hand-crafted platinum mounting. Diamonds totaling 8.00 carats with an E-color and VS grade surround this magnificent stone. This mesmerizing beauty will hold you spellbound, consequently it’s become somewhat of a company logo!

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Our Own Auction Worthy Blue Sapphire “The Titian’s Eye”

 What We Have To Offer

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