Although we have a large collection of custom mountings to go with our stunning natural untreated sapphires, chances are that you might want to combine two different mountings to make a unique custom made sapphire ring. However, once you purchase … Continue Reading

When deciding on a custom sapphire engagement ring many people choose to go with a natural blue sapphire, but more and more people are branching out to other colors such as pink sapphires, padparadscha sapphires, and even unique sapphires to … Continue Reading

Recently I worked on JS368, which is a simple yet elegant pave style ring mounting.  The delicate curves along the top and bottom of the pave diamonds on the shank help to give this stunning mounting a more modern feel … Continue Reading

Earlier this week Heidi Klum attended the MET Costume Institute Gala here in New York City.  Klum walked the red carpet in a flowing navy gown from Gilles Mendel, accented by blue sapphire earrings and a dramatic blue sapphire ring. … Continue Reading

Each year, your wedding anniversary gives you a chance to rediscover the bonds that drew you and your loving spouse together, and to re-affirm why you chose to marry one another.  This special day symbolizes the continuing commitment you have … Continue Reading

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Sapphires have been extremely prized gemstones since well before the time of Christ and are extremely steeped in history. Like every precious thing having a history, the precious stones have a sapphire history.  Certain cultures even believed that the Earth … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we have some absolutely stunning heart shaped sapphires ranging from natural blue, yellow, pink and unique colored stones.  All of our heart shaped sapphires are magnificent but personally I enjoy the pink heart shapes … Continue Reading

Recently we have had numerous customers come to us in order to create them a custom sapphire engagement ring, and now more and more of these customers are coming back to us to create their wedding bands. I reviewed our … Continue Reading

Gemstones have been sought and cherished throughout human history.  The earliest civilizations adorned themselves with crystals.  They believed they had mystical powers to protect and heal the wearer.  Today natural sapphires are used for sapphire engagement rings at an ever … Continue Reading