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    White Sapphire - Radiant 9.13 Ct.

     Item ID: U5453
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    Looking for an alternative to a diamond? How about this white sapphire, which were once popular as diamond imitations? Sapphire belongs to the mineral species corundum, which, in its purest state, is actually colorless. However, since most corundum contains color-causing trace elements, colorless corundum such is this significant 9.13-carat white sapphire from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is rare. It exhibits nearly internally flawless clarity, rated “Eye Clean” by our standards for being completely clean to the eye. These qualities are even further enhanced by heat treatment. Its fashioned with the radiant cut, which features a highly faceted crown and pavilion for a vibrant and lively effect.


    Stone Details

    Item ID: U5453
    Weight: 9.13 Ct.
    Per Carat Price: $1,998.00 per Ct.
    Color: White
    Shape: Radiant
    Dimensions (mm): 11.64L x 9.74W x 8.22H
    Clarity: Very Slightly Included
    Cut: Radiant Cut
    Color Intensity: Colorless
    Origin: Ceylon
    Treatments: Heated
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