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Blue  Star Sapphire - Oval 32.49 Ct.

 Item ID: S2462
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Isn't it enough to see beauty when we just look outside our windows? Well, we thought so too, until we got a hold of this Gem. This star sapphire is one of a kind spectacular. It boasts a beautiful bright star any other star would envy. This show stopper is no longer exclusive to royalty. Anybody who has the means for an amazing gem and can have access to this stone. Prepare to turn heads while wearing this Star Sapphire. Any way you wear it, you will wear it well.


Stone Details

Item ID: S2462
Weight: 32.49 Ct.
Per Carat Price: $2,400.00 per Ct.
Color: Blue
Shape: Oval
Dimensions (mm): 17.66L x 14.09W x 13.18H
Clarity: Very Slightly Included
Cut: Cabochon
Color Intensity: Vivid
Origin: Ceylon
Treatments: No Enhancement
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