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    Violet Sapphire - Round 3.36 Ct.

     Item ID: U8993

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    Step into a world of elegance and refinement with our latest offering, a stone that is the very essence of sophistication. This is a captivating natural sapphire, a true masterpiece of nature, presenting an entrancing play of light through its transparent crystal structure. Weighing in at a substantial 3.36 carats, this gemstone boasts not only an impressive size but also a quality that sets it apart from the ordinary. Every glance at this round shape sapphire reveals its mixed brilliant cut, designed to showcase the stone's brilliance and sparkle at its best. Expertly cut to a precise 9.41 x 9.35 x 5.31 mm dimension, this sapphire exhibits an ethereal violet hue that whispers faint color intensity, evoking the gentle twilight sky. Its clarity is graded very slightly included, examined at eye level to ensure that any inclusions do nothing to mar its inherent beauty but rather enhance its unique character. This sapphire hails from the renowned mines of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, known throughout the ages for producing some of the world's most exquisite sapphires. The origin of our sapphires is not just a mark of quality but of legacy and tradition. The impeccable polish of this gemstone ensures that it radiates light with an excellent performance, promising an allure that is timeless and ever-present. At the Natural Sapphire Company, our sapphires are a testament to the enchanting beauty that can only emerge from the hands of master craftsmen. This sapphire, with its understated violet charm and captivating luminosity, stands out as a unique jewel among our competitors. It promises not just to be an addition to your collection but the centerpiece, a talking point that feels indulgent and looks beyond compare. In a world where uniqueness and authenticity command the highest esteem, this natural sapphire from Ceylon offers you an opportunity to own a slice of rarity, to adorn yourself or your loved ones with something as individual as it is inspiring.


    Stone Details

    Item ID: U8993
    Total Price: $2,688
    Weight: 3.36 Ct.
    Per Carat Price: $800 per Ct.
    Color: Violet
    Shape: Round
    Dimensions (mm): 9.41L x 9.35W x 5.31H
    Clarity: Very Slightly Included
    Cut: Mixed Brilliant
    Color Intensity: Faint
    Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
    Treatments: No Enhancement

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    Beautiful Packaging

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