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    Pear Ruby - 1.61 Ct.

     Item ID: U5861
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    Imagine yourself in a cave which, until your discovery moments earlier, was hidden from the rest of the world for centuries. Using a map created from ancient folklore, you make your way through the darkness, delving deeper and deeper into the earth. You finally reach the end of your search when the stagnant air gives way to a larger chamber with a turquoise pool. At its center is a pedestal upon which a pile of gold coins and this 1.61 carat natural heat treated pear shaped pinkish red ruby from Burma (Myanmar) rests. You brush aside the coins and carefully transfer the precious gem into a small envelope which you tuck inside your pocket. Obtaining rare and unique rubies is a lifelong pursuit for some. For others who are more fortunate, a desirable ruby such as this is waiting for you.


    Stone Details

    Item ID: U5861
    Weight: 1.61 Ct.
    Per Carat Price: $1,000.00 per Ct.
    Color: Pinkish Red
    Shape: Pear
    Dimensions (mm): 9.10L x 5.67W x 3.91H
    Clarity: Slightly Included
    Cut: Mixed Brilliant
    Color Intensity: Vivid
    Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
    Treatments: Heated
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    Learn more about rubies and their natural beauty.

    River Mining

    Beautiful sapphires mined from Sri Lankan rivers.

    Shaft Mining

    See how sapphires are mined from the depths of Sri Lanka.

    The City of Gems

    The worlds oldest sapphire market.

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