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    White Sapphire - Round 0.72 Ct.

     Item ID: U16004

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    Elevate your jewelry collection with our prestigious 0.72 carat round shape white sapphire from The Natural Sapphire Company. This exquisite gemstone not only exudes beauty but also boosts credibility, providing you with the confidence to make an informed and inspired purchase decision.

    With dimensions of 5.63 x 5.56 x 3.17 mm, this round shape white sapphire showcases a perfect balance of proportions. The mixed brilliant cut enhances the gem's brilliance, ensuring that it captivates with its dazzling sparkle and mesmerizing fire. Whether set in a ring, necklace, or any other jewelry piece, this sapphire is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Experience the assurance of quality and transparency with our white sapphires. This gemstone boasts a clarity grade of very slightly included, indicating minimal inclusions that are evaluated at eye level.

    This stringent evaluation process ensures that you receive a gemstone with exceptional clarity, radiating with a pristine transparency that is second to none. The near colorless color intensity of this white sapphire adds to its credibility and desirability. With a delicate hue that falls between pure white and a hint of subtle color, this gemstone possesses a natural and captivating charm. Its near colorless tone complements various skin tones and metal choices, allowing you to create a personalized and sophisticated jewelry piece. Crafted with meticulous precision, our white sapphires feature an excellent polish.

    Each facet is expertly cut and polished to maximize the gem's luminosity and brilliance. The superior polish ensures that this sapphire shines with exceptional radiance, reflecting light in the most captivating manner possible. Originating from the esteemed source of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), this white sapphire carries with it a legacy of excellence and craftsmanship. Ceylon is renowned for producing gemstones of unparalleled quality, and our sapphire upholds this reputation. The prestigious origin further boosts the credibility of this gemstone, providing you with the confidence that you are acquiring a truly exceptional piece.

    We understand the importance of credibility in your purchase decisions, and that is why we strive to provide a seamless and trustworthy experience. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. With The Natural Sapphire Company, you can be confident that you are investing in a gemstone of exceptional quality and beauty. Discover the credibility and elegance of our 0.72 carat round shape white sapphire.

    Contact us today to learn more about this remarkable gemstone and experience the confidence that comes with owning a gem from The Natural Sapphire Company. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you in finding the perfect gemstone for your unique style and taste.


    Stone Details

    Item ID: U16004
    Total Price: $396
    Weight: 0.72 Ct.
    Per Carat Price: $550 per Ct.
    Color: White
    Shape: Round
    Dimensions (mm): 5.63L x 5.56W x 3.17H
    Clarity: Very Slightly Included
    Cut: Mixed Brilliant
    Color Intensity: Near Colorless
    Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
    Treatments: No Enhancement
    Sketch of Custom Sapphire Ring Idea
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    Render of Custom Sapphire Ring Idea

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