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Sapphires can be a equally beautiful to the eye and the pocketbook in rare cases, and here on our lose Sapphire Sale page you’ll find dozens of great options! Sale items usually don’t last long, so if you see something that you love chances are someone else does too! Sapphires on Sale is one of our most visited pages, so act fast and grab that perfect item and a great price too!

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Pink Sapphire - Cushion 6.42 Ct. #P99

ID: P99   Weight: 6.42 CT


On Sale:

Oval Ruby - 1.64 Ct. #U2426

ID: U2426   Weight: 1.64 CT


On Sale:

Pink Sapphire - Oval 2.79 Ct. #P2124

ID: P2124   Weight: 2.79 CT


On Sale:

Blue Sapphire - Radiant 8.25 Ct. #B3208

ID: B3208   Weight: 8.25 CT


On Sale:

Pink Sapphire - Oval 4.31 Ct. #P171

ID: P171   Weight: 4.31 CT


On Sale:

Padparadscha Sapphire - Cushion 3.03 Ct. #PA215

ID: PA215   Weight: 3.03 CT


On Sale:

Yellow Sapphire - Cushion 16.32 Ct. #Y35

ID: Y35   Weight: 16.32 CT


On Sale:

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