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    14K White Gold Plain Band

    Design ID: JB199W14

    Production Time: 7 to 14 Days
    No more than 15 letters
    Quality, Value & Heart
    100% Natural Sapphires
    Free Shipping & Tax Free Free Shipping to {COUNTRY}
    Supports Local Charities


    Basic Carved / Basic Simple


    River Mining

    Beautiful sapphires mined from Sri Lankan rivers.

    Shaft Mining

    See how sapphires are mined from the depths of Sri Lanka.

    The City of Gems

    The worlds oldest sapphire market.

    Custom Designs

    See how we can create custom jewelry for you.

    Your Order Includes

    Jewelry Box

    Quality from Start to Finish

    Straight from the source your jewelry is handled with unrelenting care.

    • Quality Unique Packaging
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Lab Certified Jewelry
    • Cleaner & Polishing Cloth

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