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  • 69.35ct Blue Sapphire Ring
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    Blue Sapphire Ring - Oval 69.35 Ct. - Platinum 950

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     Product ID: J2565
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    The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring is arguably the most famous in the world, with its 12-carat oval-shaped blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds, first given to Princess Diana of Wales. Naturally, its beauty and prominence have sparked a firestorm of replicas for the modern-day bride. Here, we offer you the largest of those reproductions worldwide, featuring one of the grandest gem-quality natural sapphires available for sale today. Totaling 69.35 carats, the sapphire, also of Sri Lankan origin, shows no indications of heat treatment for its spectacular color saturation and VVS2 clarity as certified by the Gemological Institute of America. As such, it is an extremely rare find. Cut into an oval shape with a modified-brilliant-cut crown and step-cut pavilion to maximize its brilliance and sparkle, the stone is set into a handcrafted custom platinum mounting that resembles a crown.

    Ring Details


    Item ID: J2565
    Metal Type: Platinum 950
    Center Stone(s): 1 x Blue  Sapphire
    Side Stone(s): 16 x Diamond

    Stone Details

    Stone Type: Sapphire Diamond
    Quantity: 1 16
    Total Weight: 69.35 Ct. 8.00 Ct.
    Color: Blue White
    Shape: Oval Round
    Dimensions (mm): 24.19L x 20.87W x 15.74H 5.00L x 5.00W x 3.25H
    Clarity: Insignificant Inclusions (VVS2) Very Slightly Included (VS1, VS2)
    Cut: Modified Brilliant Brilliant
    Color Intensity: Intense E
    Origin: Ceylon Israel
    Treatments: No Enhancement No Enhancement


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