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2.45 Ct. Oval Color Change Sapphire
Item ID: U3467

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Stone Details

Item ID: U3467
Weight: 2.45 Ct.
Per Carat Price: $1,725.00 per Ct.
Color: Color Change
Shape: Oval
Dimensions (mm): 8.91L x 7.12W x 5.03H
Clarity: Perfection (IF, VVS1)
Cut: Mixed Brilliant
Color Intensity: Intense
Origin: Montana
Treatments: No Enhancement


First discovered in the 1800’s by gold miners, Montana sapphires are all together rare, beautiful, and curious. About 3 to 5% of sapphires from Montana come out of the mines and river banks as gem quality, most are unheated to achieve their beautiful colors, and curious is that those which are heated, are often unaffected by the treatment, as if the crystal structures are simply saying ‘No’ to the hand of Man attempting to alter them. Our Montana sapphires come from the banks of the Missouri River where high-clarity fancy sapphires in a range of pale to bright colors and unique possibilities, have been mined by hand and simple tools since the late 19th century.

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