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What Is A Natural Ruby?

A natural untreated ruby

When discussing gemstones, the term natural refers to a stone that was created by the natural processes within the earth and is not man-made or synthetic.

Ruby was one of the first stones to be artificially created and there are many lab-grown rubies on the market today.  Synthetic rubies can be created through numerous laboratory processes including the pulling process, flux growth, flame fusion, and hydrothermal processes.  While lab-created rubies have the same chemical elements and composition as natural rubies, they are neither valuable nor rare.  Gemologists trained to inspect the minute inclusions within gemstones will be able to tell a synthetic ruby from a natural one.

Almost all of the rubies for sale today are described as “natural.”  However, many of those stones have been treated or undergone chemical procedures meant to enhance their color or clarity.  It is important for these rubies to have full disclosure about their treatment history as their value and rarity is significantly less compared to natural, untreated stones.

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