White Sapphire Diamond Substitute


Before the advent of such things as Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Synthetic Moissanite, and other synthetically produced colorless stones; natural white sapphires were and still are a beautiful alternative to the colorless diamond. Though it doesn’t have the same degree of dispersion or fire that a diamond has, or the modern synthetics have, what the white sapphire offers is a natural, rare, and beautiful colorless gemstone option with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale, availability of diamond like sizes and shapes , and last but not least, a very competitive price.

Asscher Cut White Sapphire

White sapphires, though named as such, are not actually white, but like diamond are colorless. And, just like diamond the appearance of the stone can be affected by the stone’s clarity. A heated white sapphire will generally be void of any visible inclusions, and the rare untreated white sapphires can still be as free of inclusions or may contain visible natural silk giving the sapphire a softer appearance – like the velvety Kashmir sapphire sans blue. The untreated white sapphire is considered a rare gem, especially in finer qualities. Pure Sapphire. Free from the trace elements that cause the colors blue, and pink, and yellow; white sapphires are the blank canvas of nature’s crystal making excellence. At first sight, set as a sapphire engagement ring, it will be plain to see that the white sapphire can be just as captivating and lovely as any other colorless stone. Furthermore it could be said that white sapphire is not a diamond substitute, but that Diamond is the substitute for white sapphire.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

When it comes to sapphires, color adds value and though I love color just as much as the next guy, there is much to be said for a rare and natural gemstone, clear and transparent. Unlike the impassioned reflections of rubies and the ocean-like stir of blue sapphires; white sapphires are windows to moments lost in time. Faceted as brilliant cuts, step cuts, and mixed brilliant cuts, you can find a white sapphire in any of the famous gemstone shapes.  What’s more, or rather less, is the price that comes in at a mere fraction of the price for a similarly sized diamond. The only thing that’s missing is the Fire, but The Natural Sapphire Company can still give you the engagement ring of your dreams. Set a 3 carat brilliant white sapphire in a halo of fiery pave diamonds, and what you’ll undoubtedly have is the best of all worlds. Browse our selection of loose white sapphires and finished sapphire jewelry, and then ask us how we can make your jewelry dreams come true.

White Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

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