"The heart has its reasons, which reason cannot know." -Blaise Pascal, 1671

I think I may have something in common with the Grinch: his heart was two sizes too small, and my liking for heart shapes has always been approximately that degree smaller than average.  But for some reason – the proximity of Valentine’s Day, maybe? My colleague Ko’s support of the holiday?– well, I don’t know if my heart is growing, but hearts sure are growing on me!

grinch and the heart

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! One can only imagine what the Grinch does on Valentine’s Day ….

Symbolically, the heart has a complicated history.  Once upon a time, we believed that the heart was the throne of consciousness, that that vital, pumping, responsive organ, with its tendency to drop into the pit of the stomach and its propensity to provide a staccato accompaniment to the soundtrack of life was not just responsive to but responsible for our feelings and our thoughts (and not that strange grey mass that resided in the skull).  We may have learned better consciously … but emotionally, we still think of the heart as being central, not just to our continued existence, but to what we continue to refer to as “matters of the heart.”

For whatever reason, recently I’ve found myself lingering over heart shapes, and this morning I searched our inventory on a whim.  My goodness, we have some beauties – our natural sapphires are available to suit almost every taste!

heart shaped yellow sapphire heart shaped blue sapphireheart shaped unique ssapphire

Yellow, Blue and Unique Heart Shaped Sapphires

heart shaped blue sapphire 1 heart shaped padparadschaheart shaped blue sapphire

Blue and Padparadscha Sapphires

Whether you’re a life-long affiliate or a recent convert like me, it’s not too late to succumb to the temptation of the heart in one of our custom jewelry settings, just in time to let the sign play the signifier as a Valentine’s Day gift ….