Sapphires Vs Tanzanite

I always understood why tanzanite was such a hit… it looks just like natural sapphires!

Of course tanzanite would be a boon to jewelers, mall vendors and TV jewelers, it’s the cheap substitute for a natural blue sapphire.

But what I don’t like seeing is the fluff and marketing madness that goes into the false attributes of tanzanite.

In fact I believe the only redeeming quality in tanzanite is the color, and the color itself is created entirely from heat treating the tanzanite rough.   So few people know that tanzanite is a natural drab and ugly brown color in nature. It would literally have no chance of selling if it wasn’t dramatically altered from heat treating.

tanzanite rough

Before and After: Tanzanite looks like mud when found, only after dramatic heating does the color change.

Tanzanite is extremely soft and brittle.

Sapphires are the 2nd hardest gemstone known to man. Sapphires are extremely durable.

You can’t put tanzanite in an ultrasound cleaner, it will surely crack.

Sapphires can’t be harmed by an ultrasound or any chemicals.

Tanzanite is not rare, in fact there is an incredible supply (seemingly endless supply) in the market place.

Natural untreated sapphires are almost impossible to find in any local jewelry stores.

Tanzanite is very expensive. Expensive because it has very little resale value after it has been purchased.

Natural untreated sapphires are in demand, dealers abound to make offers to repurchase rare gemstones, tanzanite is not at all rare.

I see natural untreated sapphires as the real thing. If you want beautiful blue color and you don’t care to spend for the cost of a natural untreated sapphire, I highly recommend purchasing a synthetic sapphire over a tanzanite. You’ll save a lot of money. But if you wish for something that genuinely has value your investment in a natural untreated sapphire is a far better decision over tanzanite.

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    So saphire is becoming more and more rare?

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    So it will be harder and harder to find sapphires? So is it becoming ultra rare like rubies and emeralds?