Sapphire: The Official Birthstone of September

As some of you may know, especially those with birthday’s this month, Sapphire is the official birthstone of September.  But what I doubt many of you may know is the reasoning behind Sapphire being this months’ birthstone, and the historical information behind it.  As you know, the most commonly found color of sapphire is blue, and this is a lot of the reason behind why this stone was chosen.  With blue being a cool color, it is meant to represent the transition from the hot months of summer, to the cooler months of fall and winter that are on the horizon.  This is the main reason behind sapphire being chosen for the month of September, but sapphires also hold quite a bit of historical significance.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire

Sapphires have been being mined since before the birth of Christ, and the history behind them dates back just as far as well.  Both the Egyptians and the Greeks saw sapphires as a way to help delve into ones subconscious.  In older times sapphires were often given as marriage presents, because it was believed they would not shine on the finger of someone who was unfaithful or impure.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Custom Three Stone Sapphire Ring

So for those of you with Birthdays in September or with loved ones who have birthdays in September, consider making their birthday official with a natural untreated sapphire or a piece of sapphire jewelry.  Sapphires are believed to bring you physical and emotional balance, as well as keep you safe from illness and envy while imparting wisdom upon you.  Sapphires are also believed to be such powerful gemstones, that they continue to protect their original owner even after death.  So why not bring in the new season with a beautiful untreated natural sapphire.

Natural Untreated Padparadscha Sapphire

Natural Padparadscha Sapphire

And for those of you who are married, don’t forget that the 5th and 45th year wedding anniversaries are the Sapphire anniversaries.  Don’t you think your loved one deserves a breathtaking one of a kind gift this time around, like this stunning natural untreated blue sapphire pendant?

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Pendant