Do you dare to be different? Purple sapphires are one of the least well known of the sapphire family, and certainly one of the least appreciated. Very spectacular stones, and far rarer than their traditionally recognized blue cousins, purple sapphires are … Continue Reading


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Spring is finally in full swing here in NYC, we’ve basing in the warmer weather while patiently waiting for flowers to peep up. Nothing brings to mind blooming flowers like Padparadscha sapphires. Named after the color of a Lotus blossom, … Continue Reading


Earlier this month the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s foremost independent authority on gemstones, took the unprecedented step to publicly announce that they are receiving more undisclosed synthetic diamonds at their grading laboratories. Acknowledging a truism that many … Continue Reading


An amphibious boat from New Zealand, a field of wildflowers in the Transylvanian hills, and a rocking horse from President and Mrs. Obama containing a polo mallet; the head of which was carved from the branch of an oak tree … Continue Reading


Nothing puts our mind into summer mode quite like a yellow sapphire. Their bright, crisp brilliance sparkles like a late August sun.Fancy yellow sapphires are not only pretty, but amazingly affordable. Their popularity as engagement rings has grown in recent years, … Continue Reading


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