Valentine’s Day Gifts


Natural Ruby U3746 Image

Gentleman, certainly your Valentine will appreciate roses and chocolates, but what they really want is jewelry, and whether or not it’s a sapphire engagement ring she’s after or a pair of ruby earrings, we have the most incredible inventory of options for you.   As Valentine’s Day 2014 quickly approaches, here at The Natural Sapphire Company we are spending our days polishing ruby jewelry in anticipation for your gift giving needs. Make this Valentine’s Day special with a piece of ruby jewelry, and show the one you love just how much you love them!

Ruby Ring Image 2

Red has always been the color associated with love, romance and passion, as well of course for St. Valentine’s Day. In every month of January we are all inundated with red for the coming holiday. Red roses, red boxes of chocolates, and red greeting cards, they are a constant reminder of the big day yet to come. It can be overwhelming how much red we see. Once Valentine’s Day passes however, all those things are gone from our eyes and the only red thing to remain, decidedly beautiful and appreciated, will be the ruby. The ruby is the definitive symbol of love, with an eternal fire within it and a brilliance that can only be matched by the eyes of the one who holds your heart.

Ruby Bracelet Image

Did I mention our large selection? From custom designed ruby jewelry to fine estate jewelry, The Natural Sapphire Company is your source for ruby and sapphire jewelry to suit all tastes and budgets. Peruse our site, and you are sure to find something as unique and beautiful as your Valentine. If not, we also carry a large selection of loose rubies, and matched ruby pairs in case the gift this year is a custom ruby engagement ring or a pair of custom Burmese ruby earrings.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Natural Sapphire Company.

2.05ct Natural Heart Shape Ruby Pair PR1324-U Image

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Matching Sapphires


Walk into any jewelry store, and more than likely you’ll find a pair of matching sapphire earrings. Timeless and classic; sapphire earrings are, or at least should be a staple of every woman’s jewelry collection.  Like other staples such as a strand of pearls or a tennis bracelet, a pair of matched sapphire earrings can be worn every day, adding a dash of bright color to your style.  Besides every day wear, sapphire earrings also make great gifts for the bride-to-be. Something Blue, perhaps? 

Pink Sapphire Earring Image

It has been confirmed that more than 95% of the world’s sapphires are heated to improve the gem’s apparent color and clarity. The routine heat treatment melts the rutile “silk” inclusions allowing for greater transparency, while also acting on the sapphire’s color centers to enrich and darken the stone’s tone and saturation. This heat treatment is accepted within the trade, as well as among consumers, and though a sapphire may be heated, all factors considered it can still be called a rare stone especially in sizes over 1-2 carats, and with exceptional color. Of far greater rarity of course are the unheated, untreated, completely natural sapphires which tend to pack a tough punch for your wallet, but their natural, unadulterated beauty, and uncommonly rare status make the knowledge of quality and value well worth the investment.

Now that you know the importance of the untreated sapphire as opposed to the routinely heated majority, let me blow your mind by suggesting an even more rare and tantalizing option, and of course that would be TWO UNTREATED NATURAL SAPPHIRES – an untreated and matched pair.

PR1407-B Image

Difficult as it is to find a single untreated sapphire over 1 carat; to find two that are well matched for a perfect pair of sapphire earrings – well admittedly, it’s not an easy task.  We have several pairs of matched and untreated sapphires in our inventory, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we will put the time and effort, all over the world, to find the matched sapphires of your dreams.

When you find the sapphires you want, whether heated or unheated, our custom design team can create a pair of matched sapphire earrings accented with diamonds or left as solitaires – beautiful on their own. Not interested in waiting too long? Our collection of ready-made matched sapphire earrings run the gamut from small to large, heated and unheated, and of course in every color under the rainbow. 

Blue Sapphire Earring Image

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2014 Engagement Ring Trends


A Happy New Year to all!!! With the new year begun, we can now begin the guessing game of what 2014 will hold for jewelry trends. Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 was Emerald Green, and the fashion world certainly saw green on the red carpet so to speak, however green played a major role in engagement ring trends this past year with many proposals being made with green sapphire engagement rings. Though emeralds may hang from Hollywood ears, they will not stand the test of time as an engagement ring stone. As the trend towards colored gemstones and “statement” pieces continues, the allure of the myriad sapphire colors and its hardness second only to diamond has made sapphire the known gem of choice for colored gemstone engagement rings.


6.45ct Cushion Cut Green Sapphire

If you’re looking for something new and fresh for this year, Pantone has already released 2014’s Color of the Year , Radiant Orchid, a vibrant pinkish purple hue that will surely make for a year of unique jewelry possibilities. As for sapphire jewelry the options include not only purple sapphires but also the full range of tone and saturation for pink sapphires, which often have a purplish component.  If this is the year you’re planning to propose, consider making the year even more memorable by following not only the design trends for engagement rings, but the color trends as well.

One engagement ring trend that we have seen developing strongly over the last year, and the fashion industry is expecting will be popular in 2014 is the East-West orientation of the center gemstone. This design trend turns your average oval, marquise, or emerald cut so that it points across your finger. This creates not only a unique engagement ring, but also the appearance of a larger stone. Take a look at our inventory of sapphire engagement rings and imagine the stone pointing in a different direction. We have made many custom sapphire engagement rings with the East-West gem orientation, and we are more than ready to create a ring to welcome the trend as well as the New Year. If you need one right away, we have a beautiful natural ruby engagement ring in the East-West fashion.

As always the classic engagement ring styles continue to reign with popularity. The diamond halo, and especially the double-halo were popular in 2013, and that trend is also expected to continue. Consider the halo a frame for the sapphire or ruby you choose to symbolize your love. Want the color and the flash, but not to be too flashy? Consider the ever-popular three stone engagement rings as a gorgeous answer.  It is easy to imagine the beauty and brilliance of a “radiant orchid” purplish pink sapphire set between two perfectly matched and fiery diamonds. It is easy to imagine such beauty and brilliance could last forever.

Pink Sapphire Ring Image 2


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The Family Stone


The Family Stone

Some of my earliest memories as a kid were from when I would come into my father’s office and he’d give me a few parcels of tiny sapphires. I’d sort them in color, size and count how many were in each bag and update our stock records.
Back then we used pencils and erasers (I used the eraser a lot). I remember the lighting wasn’t so great and the chairs were wooden and stiff. We really did use phone books back then so I could get over the desk or I’d sit with my knees on the chair so I could hover over the stones. We used old world post-office style desk lights that looked like make-shift medical operation room as the loomed over my head as I would inspect the stones almost searching for a piece to a puzzle.

My dad wouldn’t let me use the tweezers to pick up the stones, instead I’d use a small metal stick to sort and count each one. I’d get tired of the same color and small sizes and ask my father to let me look at the big stones in the safe that I could hold with my hands. But my dad was super busy and he would almost never go out for lunch; he’d be on the phone constantly, all while examining cutting jobs and gemstones while wearing magnification glasses around his head as he gave his expert opinion on how to fill customer orders properly.

Then one day after a long day of sorting and counting my dad called me over to the safe room.
I remember the first time my father showed me ‘The Family Stone’. I must have been maybe 7 or 8 years old at the time.

Man it had such an impact on me.
He pulled out a worn and old crumbling stone paper that was jam packed with something inside of it like a walnut.
He slowly unfolded the paper as to be extra careful in taking risk that it could drop. He held it close to his chest as if he had a baby in his arms.
Then I saw huge flashes of blue and white light explode from a blanket of cotton which the stone rested. A 50ct round blue zircon. Incredibly cut and massive in size, the gem was absolutely glowing and screaming with fire in every direction. It was the first time I really saw a gem stone.
I was speechless, but I wanted to hold it!

My dad said, ‘this one isn’t for sale Michael. It’s been in the safe for a long time. This is the family stone’.

My grandfather started selling white zircons and white sapphires way back in the late 1930′s and 1940′s before imitation diamonds were available/invented.
For a lot of years white sapphires and blue zircons were a big staple of the family business. I felt pride that my father would hold onto something that he felt was more valuable than money. He could have sold that stone for a good profit at anytime, he had many many offers for it.

I think that it’s a great tradition to have a family gemstone. In fact I like to think that each family member should consider having one that represents themselves. One day when we’re gone this gemstone can be something that is beautiful, something rare and something appreciated – much of like what we hope of our own lasting legacy of memory to those that we loved in life most.

The ‘Family Stone’ that my father showed me is something that reminds me today of all things good that I associate with my father and grandfather. I’m still hunting for my family stone. I know I’ll find it when the time is right and when I can afford to show it to my kids and say ‘this one isn’t for sale’.

Arnstein Family Blue Zircon


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Sapphire Cocktail Rings


34.00ct Star Sapphire Cocktail Ring

On January 17, 1920, under the terms of the recently ratified 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the production, sale, and distribution of alcohol nationwide was banned, and the country was called Dry. Though the new law may have hindered American’s abilities to find alcohol, we have never been a people without determination. By 1925, there were an estimated 20,000 to 100,000 underground saloons or “speakeasies” in New York City alone.  Building renovators today are still finding hidden rooms under restaurants and various other establishments throughout America, in both rural and urban areas that may have been secret drinking clubs, or places for communities to hold cocktail parties.

Interestingly, the “Cocktail Party” is credited to a Mrs. Julius S. Walsh of St. Louis, Missouri who in May of 1917 had 50 guests for a party, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and that within weeks cocktail parties had become “a St. Louis institution.” Yes, even before Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties, American’s knew how to have a good time, but in 1920, when we were told we weren’t allowed to have a good time… Well, you just can’t stop us!

6.51ct Rare Untreated Ruby Cocktail Ring

With the advent of the Cocktail Party and the “just you try and stop me” attitude of Americans during prohibition; the nights were filled with lavish parties, drunken exuberance, and opulent “above-the-law” flaunting. This flaunting was more than just the consumption of illegal alcohol; it was the fashion, and the music, and the art, and all that was New in the world. It was an exciting time of rebellion against the old way of doing everything.  No one represented the times better than the Flapper Girls – those ladies with their bobbed hair styles, long strands of beads and pearls, and short skirts showing more than just the ankle. And of course what cocktail party or flapper girl would be complete without a cocktail ring?

45.30ct Carved Flower Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring

The Cocktail ring was the most likely the last item a woman put on before going off to the speakeasy during Prohibition. And furthermore, as the cocktail ring continued to be worn through the 40s and 50s, it may still be considered the perfect accessory for any lavish party one is headed to. Also known as a Dinner Ring, the cocktail ring became popular during Prohibition as a way for women to truly flaunt their opulence at speakeasies and secret cocktail parties. Worn on the right hand ring finger or occasionally on the index finger; the cocktail ring was a large ring, often with a large center stone, the idea being of course to catch everyone’s eye.  Imagine yourself,

Its 1926, and you’re at the nicest speakeasy in town, The Puncheon Club in Midtown Manhattan. The lights are dim, and cool jazz mixes with laughter and the sounds of glasses clinking together. You’re wearing a dress by Coco Channel, and your neck feels a slight chill from the opening door and your hair being pinned up in a bob with a beaded feather.  Laughing and carrying on around you, you notice the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, and members of the Algonquin Round Table throwing back their drinks with carefree splendor. You look down at the drink in your hand – a whiskey sour – the ice shining under the amber lights of the barroom. On your right hand that holds your glass you see a magnificent pink sapphire cocktail ring. Small diamonds surrounding the stone sparkle and bounce light off your glass. The vivid pink hue of the sapphire makes you think of the ribbon candy of your youth. Suddenly you are young, and alive, and Free!

16.89ct Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring


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New Year’s Eve Proposals


If you’re reading this, you’re ether considering proposing this New Year’s Eve or possibly hoping to be proposed to.  Whether you’re hoping to give it or wear it, New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and let it be known there is still time to find a beautiful sapphire or ruby engagement ring for what surely could be an unforgettable New Year’s celebration.

2.08ct Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

For those hoping to be proposed to I’d suggest you leave your browser open, and try to get your loved one to see it. For those considering popping that question, I’ll tell you now there could be no better time to do it. Think about it! You undoubtedly are already planning a romantic evening, and your fiancé-to-be is already planning on looking their best, so even if you weren’t considering proposing, you’re already half way to a perfect proposal! You take care of the romance and the champagne and we’ll supply you with a beautiful sapphire ring that you and your family can treasure for a lifetime.

Concerned about not knowing exactly what to get? That is a common question, especially for those planning a surprise proposal. One option is to go with a simple yet classic solitaire sapphire engagement ring just to pop the question with. Then when betrothed you and your spouse-to-be can design the perfect sapphire or ruby engagement ring together. That said there is little else more perfect than an untreated blue sapphire set on its own.

Untreated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

In need of New Year’s Eve proposal ideas? There are countless options in New York City for a romantic evening or for a short vacation. Plan to spend a few extra days in the city and you can meet with us in the new year to discuss the design of your sapphire engagement ring.  Our team of gemologists and jewelry designers are ready to add beauty to your life, and for that beauty to be the symbol of your love.

A “Perfect” 7.17ct Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring



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Vivid Yellow Sapphire


It can be imagined that when mankind was first able to see color, before there was a word to describe it; yellow was certainly the most important and valued. Whether it was the color of the sun that grew our crops, or the color of fire that cooked our meals and warmed our tired hands, the color yellow was precious from the beginning. More than to simply imagine, it can be said that the color yellow unites us all. We share yellow as a part of our human history. It represents our values, our dreams, and desires. It symbolizes our faiths and our fortitudes. Yellow is warmth and purity, love and sensitivity. Yellow is the sun’s rays and the alluring glow of yellow gold. Yellow is the natural untreated vivid yellow sapphire.

19.57ct Untreated Vivid Yellow Sapphire

An untreated vivid yellow sapphire is a rare and precious gemstone. Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we often talk about rarity because, well, that’s what the root of our business is all about. The title of rarity is stretched over the gem world, as rarity is relative. Yellow sapphires are not the rarest in the world of sapphires, however to have an unheated sapphire obviously increases that degree of rarity. As most sapphires have inclusions that affect how the color of the sapphire is seen, untreated yellow sapphires often have a soft and pale appearance because of the unbroken rutile silk within the stone. The one that is few and far between is the unheated yellow sapphire with stunning clarity and a vivid, strongly saturated yellow hue. Some of us will be patient and wait for the perfect sapphire, others will accept the minor heat treatment in order to have their vivid yellow sapphire, and still others may opt for the beryllium treated stone (eww!), regardless of how unnatural it may be. Vivid yellow as the Sun, the untreated yellow sapphire beckons for your attention.

47.06ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

While the blue sapphire is the most common color for sapphire engagement rings, the popularity of yellow sapphire engagement rings has been on the rise. However, yellow sapphires are not only for the bride to be.  For every day wear, the yellow sapphire makes for a beautiful, durable, and if you wish, understated piece of gemstone jewelry.  Yellow gold will make your yellow sapphire glow. White gold and platinum will give the sapphire a cool and clean look. Add diamonds for some added sparkle, or have the simple beauty of a vivid yellow sapphire displayed as a solitaire. Just as with other fancy colored sapphires, yellow sapphires are available in many cuts and shapes as well as variations of tone and saturation. Come see our collection of loose yellow sapphires and finished yellow sapphire jewelry in person; we’ll help you find the perfect stone.

1.77ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold

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White Sapphire Diamond Substitute


Before the advent of such things as Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Synthetic Moissanite, and other synthetically produced colorless stones; natural white sapphires were and still are a beautiful alternative to the colorless diamond. Though it doesn’t have the same degree of dispersion or fire that a diamond has, or the modern synthetics have, what the white sapphire offers is a natural, rare, and beautiful colorless gemstone option with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale, availability of diamond like sizes and shapes , and last but not least, a very competitive price.

Asscher Cut White Sapphire

White sapphires, though named as such, are not actually white, but like diamond are colorless. And, just like diamond the appearance of the stone can be affected by the stone’s clarity. A heated white sapphire will generally be void of any visible inclusions, and the rare untreated white sapphires can still be as free of inclusions or may contain visible natural silk giving the sapphire a softer appearance – like the velvety Kashmir sapphire sans blue. The untreated white sapphire is considered a rare gem, especially in finer qualities. Pure Sapphire. Free from the trace elements that cause the colors blue, and pink, and yellow; white sapphires are the blank canvas of nature’s crystal making excellence. At first sight, set as a sapphire engagement ring, it will be plain to see that the white sapphire can be just as captivating and lovely as any other colorless stone. Furthermore it could be said that white sapphire is not a diamond substitute, but that Diamond is the substitute for white sapphire.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

When it comes to sapphires, color adds value and though I love color just as much as the next guy, there is much to be said for a rare and natural gemstone, clear and transparent. Unlike the impassioned reflections of rubies and the ocean-like stir of blue sapphires; white sapphires are windows to moments lost in time. Faceted as brilliant cuts, step cuts, and mixed brilliant cuts, you can find a white sapphire in any of the famous gemstone shapes.  What’s more, or rather less, is the price that comes in at a mere fraction of the price for a similarly sized diamond. The only thing that’s missing is the Fire, but The Natural Sapphire Company can still give you the engagement ring of your dreams. Set a 3 carat brilliant white sapphire in a halo of fiery pave diamonds, and what you’ll undoubtedly have is the best of all worlds. Browse our selection of loose white sapphires and finished sapphire jewelry, and then ask us how we can make your jewelry dreams come true.

White Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

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Popular Engagement Ring Styles


In a time when it’s no longer the social “requirement” to have a diamond engagement ring and the colors of sapphire and ruby have taken center stage in the bridal jewelry market, there still lies the decision as to what style of engagement ring to choose. This decision becomes difficult to answer with all of the possibilities to choose from, as well as the constant ebb and flow of engagement ring trends. There is one thing that we at The Natural Sapphire Company strongly believe will never change and that is classic style.

1.10ct Radiant Emerald Cut 3-Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring

Whether you have a diamond as the center stone or the far more rare options like untreated ruby or sapphire; the 3-stone ring is truly a classic design of clean beauty and symmetry that will never go out of style. The 3-stone ring is occasionally linked to the symbolism of Past, Present, & Future, but the beauty is not in the symbolism of this design, but the incredible combinations of color you can have. Imagine a sapphire with ruby side stones, or a pink sapphire with yellow diamonds.  The possibilities for customization of this classic design of simplicity are nearly endless.

4.37ct Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Between Intense Yellow Diamonds

For another classic design, and about as simple as one can get; the solitaire engagement ring endures as an optimal choice for popping the question with. While Tiffany made famous the raised prong setting for their diamonds, this technique works equal wonders for the rare beauty of sapphires and rubies. Leaving out the embellishment of diamonds, one can showcase the beauty of their chosen color, as well as shape and cut. Though round stones were always the norm for solitaire settings, the popularity of fancy gem shapes such as pear, cushion, and trillion continues to rise. Though a simple design, a solitaire sapphire engagement ring can be made unique and one of a kind with choices for metal color, prong shape, and of course the rare untreated gem that you choose.

1.88ct Solitaire Pink Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring

A popular design since the engagement of Prince Charles to Princess Diana, and Prince William to Kate Middleton, as well as a classic design utilized for generations to frame the beauty of sapphires and rubies; the halo design is another style of engagement ring that like the 3-stone and the solitaire, will never go out of style. It is the stark contrast of the brilliant white diamonds against the rich hues of sapphire and ruby that make this design appealing for the eyes no matter what color your center stone is. If you have your heart set on a diamond for your center stone, consider then a colorful halo, like a floral wreath around the testament of your love. Without changing the subject it must be noted, color really does make everything better.

Hexagon Diamond with Blue Sapphire Halo

Last but not least, there is a strong trend towards antique and estate engagement rings, more often than not of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau aesthetic featuring combinations of strong lines, intricate detail, and floral engravings. Some people may not like the idea of a pre-worn ring, while others may understand the joy of continuing that engagement ring’s story of love and devotion. If you’re a part of the latter, then we have an ever growing collection of estate pieces at The Natural Sapphire Company to choose from. And if old jewelry isn’t your thing we have estate and antique inspired design that will send you back in time.

Estate Inspired Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Should you still be unsure of what engagement ring design to choose, our website has every possibility of sapphire or ruby engagement ring style available to view and learn from. Once you see something you like, make an appointment to come see it in person. Our gemologists will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding sapphires, rubies, & ring design.

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Engagement Rings Inspired By Flowers


Being attracted to and adorning ourselves with flowers and all sorts of natural things is nothing new, as picking a flower was probably the first attainment of beauty by mankind – we saw it, we wanted it, we picked it! As simple then as it is today, we want brightly colored fresh cut flowers forever. And if we can’t have those forever, we’ll get by with a brightly colored sapphire engagement ring with a floral design that forever will symbolize not only the meaning of the ring, but also the happiness associated with our inherently shared joys.

Antique, estate, and period-inspired jewelry is very popular today as it begins to find its way out of the bottom of the jewelry boxes and on to the hands and into the minds of many looking to wear a still unique piece of jewelry. The Art Nouveau movement is obviously of interest for its florally designs and engravings, which continue to inspire contemporary designs. Even the Art Deco movement with its sharp edges and geometric designs, receives credit for floral representation though less apparent and more symbolic. Some may like the obvious presence of flowers in their sapphire engagement ring, while others want to be the only one to see their precious rose.

1.55ct Ruby, Diamond, and Platinum Ring

It is not in the least bit surprising the propensity for colored gemstone engagement rings to have designs inspired by flowers, given the historical meanings behind the giving of flowers dependent not only on what type of flower was used, but also the color of the flower. The red ruby engagement ring with a rose motif…could there be a more powerful symbol of love and passion? A blue star sapphire engagement ring with violets rising up the white gold shank – all at once a symbol of love and fidelity. And of course, a pink sapphire engagement ring, with a pink like a summer’s vivid Dahlia, and abstract diamond petals that curl over the sides of a gold band for a combined symbolism of dignity, elegance, and femininity.

4.85ct Purplish Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Interpretive Flower

Whether you know for sure you want a garden on your hand, or think you want just a symbol of joyful memories; The Natural Sapphire Company has myriad options for sapphire and ruby rings inspired by flowers. Choose from popular designs or have our state of the art design team create a ring to match every symbol and meaning you wish, to make your ring a truly personal treasure.

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