There is a rich history of sapphire rings to mark engagements or weddings in the British Royal history. First, Lady Elizabeth Bowes -Lyon(shown above) received a sapphire ring from the Duke of York. Next came the Queen’s diamond and platinum … Continue reading

  The most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world has been photographed around the world for more than 33 years. The original engagement in February 1981 was world wide news; and sapphires from Sri Lanka have forever been on … Continue reading

Recently a reporter from CNN contacted us to talk about the trending diamonds-alternatives; sapphire engagement rings being the most sought option. The reporter said that she reviewed many company’s and found ours to be most credible with our policy of … Continue reading

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) did a very fine job in publishing a recent article on the sapphire and gem trade in Sri Lanka. There are some excellent updates that are taking place in the country just in the … Continue reading

Who better than to show up at her own Gala, wearing a new engagement ring, than Kate Hudson!? The Baby2BabyGala, presented by Tiffany & Co., honored actress Kate Hudson this year. On the red carpet, Kate was spotted rocking a … Continue reading

The market for natural sapphires continues to rise year after year. The world demand for natural blue sapphires is still in its infancy, and that is very exciting news for The Natural Sapphire Company. The auction houses continue to see … Continue reading

Set to be put on the auction block at an upcoming Graceland fundraising auction, the King of Rock n’ Roll’s 14 karat yellow gold, black star sapphire and diamond ring. Clearly he was a man of good taste! The bold … Continue reading

Some say yes, some say no. Those who say yes are generally those purchasing the larger and more rare untreated sapphires and rubies from the historically famous mines of places like Burma, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. More often than not, … Continue reading

Short Answer: NO “A Diamond Is Forever” The world has been duped into believing that they Need and Must Have a diamond. Well, not so much duped, as brainwashed by probably the most genius ad campaign ever conceived by any … Continue reading

The wedding season is fully underway and this writer’s wedding is quickly approaching.  With all of the major decisions taken care of, we are now allowed the time to think of the finer details of our big day. While as a … Continue reading