If this year’s bridal collections are any indication, wedding gowns in pastel colors, much like sapphire engagement rings, are becoming increasingly more conventional. Renowned bridal designers have peppered their spring and fall lines with colors like peach, lavender, pistachio, and … Continue reading

4.37ct Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Between Intense Yellow Diamonds

It’s taken a while, but Spring is finally upon us and love is in the air. With it comes feelings of romance and thoughts of proposals. And each new season is special, offering new insights into how we live and love. … Continue reading


Your one and only is hinting about popping the question, perhaps even asking about your engagement ring preferences. Your heart is set on a sapphire engagement ring, but with an almost endless variety of ring settings to choose from, it’s … Continue reading


She did it again! Kate Middleton is right on trend; this week, with a pair of new earrings, pear shaped blue tanzanite and diamond to be exact, with a matching necklace. That’s right! The Duchess has once again, chosen to wear … Continue reading


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The girl of your dreams lives! Not only that, you’ve met, fallen in love, and now … you’re about to ask her to marry you! Of course she’ll say Yes! But now you’re sweating, thinking about all the little details of … Continue reading


The idea of making artificial diamonds isn’t new.  Scientists first synthesized diamonds in 1954, since then nearly all industrial diamonds (used in abrasive cutting tools) has been made synthetically.  Yet relentless innovation in the technology of creating synthetic diamonds, has … Continue reading

Princess Diana blue sapphire Ring

Many women are starting to turn to sapphires as their stone of choice for an engagement ring. While there are many varieties of sapphires, by far the most popular is blue. A blue sapphire gives your engagement ring a unique … Continue reading


So you’re considering a vintage or antique engagement ring,we’re not surprised. The trend towards venerable styles and antique treasures isn’t going away, and understandably so. Vintage rings carry a unique charm, they stand out from modern engagement rings with their attention to … Continue reading

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Every woman dreams of having a sparkling gemstone on her finger when she gets married. For many years the stone of choice has been the diamond – where the bigger the diamond, the better. The highly aggressive 1940’s De Beers … Continue reading