Jenny McCarthy’s name has now been added to the ever-growing list of celebrities choosing a sapphire engagement ring over the more common diamond. Donnie Wahlberg, of New Kids on the Block fame, proposed to Ms. McCarthy back in April, and … Continue reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we love our customers.  Sounds like something any company would say, but we mean it.  Our appreciation is not just for our customer’s business, but for the mutual passion that we all share for … Continue reading

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As an engagement ring, the blue sapphires specifically, have long been known to symbolize Faith, Loyalty and Fidelity making a blue sapphire perfect for not only a marriage proposal but for any relationship or agreement. Beyond the good virtues of … Continue reading

I think it would be safe to say that today’s woman is in many ways more active than ever before. Often I’ve heard from women who say they are “rough on their jewelry,” and therein lies the concern of engagement … Continue reading

What is Milgrain? Often described as, “you know, the little dots around the edges,” milgrain detail is essentially a rolled texture applied to a piece of jewelry’s edges by a jeweler. Not to be confused with the ancient art of … Continue reading

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