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Over the years we have sold numerous natural sapphires for different special occasions.  All of our natural untreated sapphires are one of a kind stones and a lot of the times these unique stones cannot just be thrown into your … Continue Reading


One way to wear a band that makes a fashion statement as well as a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection is to make it using stunning natural sapphires!  Here are a few examples of different style natural sapphire bands … Continue Reading


With just days until the official start of spring, fashionistas everywhere are updating their sapphire jewelry to reflect the new season.  Bright colors are always appealing in the spring and summer, and this year is no exception.  Warm colors of … Continue Reading


As everyone tires of the gray and dreary days of winter, we can look toward the vibrant colors of our sapphires and of spring time. The pastel pink sapphire P573 looks simply stunning in this delicate setting. This natural sapphire … Continue Reading


Here at The Natural Sapphire Company our talented designers are completely capable of making custom mounting designs to suit any of our stunning natural untreated blue, pink, yellow, padparadscha, unique or star sapphires.  Whether you simply want to modify an … Continue Reading

What  I love so much about natural sapphires is the rainbow of colors! Natural Sapphires come in every color, and red sapphires are called rubies. Natural Sapphires and Rubies are stunning on their own, and only look better mounted in … Continue Reading


Every custom sapphire jewelry order that we have here at the natural sapphire company is unique because natural untreated sapphires themselves are extremely rare and unique.  Most all of our customers have very special requests for their sapphire jewelry pieces … Continue Reading


If you are looking for something a little bit different from the traditional sapphire jewelry item, take a look at these elegant two tone sapphire rings.  Here at the Natural Sapphire Company our talented staff of designers are completely capable … Continue Reading


Every person differs in taste and style when it comes to jewelry, and this is especially true when it comes to natural sapphire jewelry due the variety of cuts and colors natural untreated sapphires come in. What is considered a … Continue Reading


What caused this problem? Who is to blame?  What is the resolution?  Who is going to fix it? These are all very big questions. It seems that many short cuts were made by many people in order to make big … Continue Reading