Sapphire Highlights: Crystals


Even if you’re a regular aficionado of natural sapphires and The Natural Sapphire Company, odds are good that some of our offerings might have escaped your attention, by dint of being on a section of the site you don’t normally peruse, new to inventory, or still in development.  We blog about many aspects of the business as it stands, but I think a highlights section is worth becoming a feature in its own right: and it seems somehow fitting to start a new feature concerning sapphires with a subject concerning where sapphires begin; crystals.

While sapphires are generally found in alluvial deposits, their crystal form is highly valued by collectors, both for reasons of rarity (and its close cousin value), and because there are numerous metaphysical schools of thought which hold that gemstones possess the power to interact with carbon-based lifeforms, like people, in their natural state.  Though it is more common to insist that gemstones be in their natural state insofar as not being heated or treated (like the stock-in-trade of The Natural Sapphire Company), while still permitting the stones to be cut, polished, and fashioned into the most aesthetically pleasing forms possible, we’re here to tell you that crystals can be really aesthetically pleasing in their natural forms … especially if there’s a little bit extra in the way of adornment to make them even more beautiful, as well as more wearable.

Sapphire Crystal  1Sapphire Crystal 2Sapphire Crystal 3

Weighing 30.32 carats, natural blue sapphire crystal CR54 has been set onto a base/handle of polished lapiz lazuli and delicately studded with a deep red garnet

Sapphire Crystal 4Sapphire Crystal 5Sapphire Crystal 6

CR56 is a 28.46 carat natural blue sapphire crystal, set onto a pierced lapis lazuli handle for greatest ease … and beauty.

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2010 Spring Colors in Natural Sapphire!


It’s nice to know that after this miserable winter, we’re only moments away from spring, and all its beauty.

In the meantime, our natural untreated sapphires can provide customers, not only with the satisfaction of high quality gems, but also with a taste of the brightness that’s to come with hot spring colors!

Each season, tastemakers decree the direction that fashion will take with a rainbow of possibilities, weaving a tapestry of colors from earthy tones, eye-catching brights and soft water colors.  This season, we are to have nine color stories ….

The colors that have been chosen are “Fusion Coral, Tomato Puree, Pink Champagne, Amparo Blue, Dried Herb, Violet Sapphire, Aurora, Turquoise, and Tuscany and Eucalyptus.”


To go with this spring’s themes, we have a range of unique color untreated natural sapphire in stock.


Here is a selection of stones in our design collection; Fusion Coral Sapphire(PA8), Tomato Puree Sapphire(U2826), Pink Champagne Sapphire(U2713), Amparo Blue Sapphire(B2369), Dried Herb Sapphire(U2824).


Violet sapphire (U2509), Aurora Sapphire (U2123), Turquoise Sapphire (U2872), Tuscany Sapphire (U2708).

I promise you that these 9 colors in our untreated natural sapphire will astound you with the best, most luscious, and most mouthwateringly saturated presentation of these colors, which paper, fabric, glass and treated sapphire just cannot do.

Even if you don’t really care about trends, why not take advantage of the opportunity that they present for introducing you to something new to recover from this long, cold winter?

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Customizable designs in sapphire at NSC


The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in making custom jewelry settings, and in customizing our own preexisting semi mountings to best meet the customer’s vision.  One of our customers recently bought a natural blue sapphire ring from us. This blue sapphire ring was based on JS217 but our customer  asked us to make a few changes .   I put a design of scrolling vines around the blue sapphire center-stone and round diamonds  on the shank to replace the baguette shaped stones which the design originally specified.  This custom design is not only gorgeous but also evocative of a past age, antique-inspired and timeless.  Now our customer has asked us to make a matching band for the blue sapphire ring.   This matching band has 10 diamonds and is also decorated with a pattern of scrolling vines.

Please, check out the images that I made for this customer!

Blue sapphire ring BandBlue sapphire ring Band 2

This matching band is inspired by the original blue sapphire ring:

Blue sapphire ring and Band

If you want to make your own custom made ring setting, please feel free to ask us!

It’s our pleasure to explore your design with you.

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The World’s Greatest Collection of Natural Untreated Sapphires

Kevin F

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we pride ourselves on having the world’s largest and greatest collection of natural untreated sapphires.  This reputation is one we are proud of and in order to keep this reputation up we must be constantly updating our inventory in order to keep up with the demand for these gorgeous untreated sapphires.   In order to do this we must search around for the best suppliers with the best stones so that we are able to offer you only the highest quality untreated sapphires available on the Market.  For example this absolutely stunning natural untreated round blue sapphire weighing in a 1.99ct has an alluring vivid color saturation that is sure to make anyone jealous.  This untreated beauty was exquisitely cut in order to maximize the brilliance and light return, and as you can see from the pictures this stone is just plain vibrant.

Natural Untreated Round Blue Sapphire

B3643: 1.99ct Natural Untreated Round Blue Sapphire

But aside from just having an amazing selection of natural untreated blue sapphires, we also have and outstanding selection of untreated sapphires in yellow, pink, padparadscha and unique colored sapphires.  Our unique sapphire selection consists of such colors as purple, green, orange and even cognac, so whatever your favorite color is you will be able to find a sapphire that meets your color needs.  One of our newest unique stones and possibly my favorite is a fascinating natural untreated oval cut bi-color sapphire that has a gorgeous combination of greens, yellows, blues and blue greens creating a truly one of a kind sapphire that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  This exceptional sapphire is extremely rare and has dazzling intense color saturation with an enormous amount of brilliance.


U2941: 1.70ct Natural Untreated Bi-Color Sapphire

We will be continuing to add new sapphires to our webpage every day so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for it may just be there the next day, so continue searching our ever-changing inventory.  If you have a specific and simply cannot wait feel free to contact us directly and we will certainly help you to find the sapphire of your dreams.

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Sapphire Crown Jewels


When we think of England’s Crown Jewels, we think of orbs and scepters, but first and foremost, we think of the Imperial State Crown, adorned with its 3 great gems.

Imperial State Crown

Kept in the Tower of London, the Imperial State Crown is adorned by the Cullinan II and the Black Prince Ruby (which happens to be a spinel – one can never be too careful in the classification of one’s gems, even if one is actually entitled to the royal plural).


Perhaps less (in)famous but no less beautiful, the Stuart Sapphire first graced crown jewels in 1214, starting with the crown of King Alexander II of Scotland, passing circuitously down the imperial ranks until 1838, when Queen Victoria had it set into the Imperial State Crown, from which it continues to glow.


The UK may have America beat in the chronology and pedigree of their … well, blue sapphires among other things, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t provide some stiff competition in terms of quality and quantity, especially when you’re dealing with The Natural Sapphire Company.  We have the largest holdings of natural sapphires online, and we almost certainly have whatever it is you’re looking for.  And you don’t even have to get past guards in silly hats to see them!

Big Blue-B2080Big Red Ruby U2546Big Padparadscha PA14

Just a sampling of our fit-for-a-queen stock-in-trade with 69.35 carat blue sapphire B2080, 7.27 carat ruby U2546, and 28.85 carat padparadscha PA14

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Stars in Sapphire


The stars were out in full force and sparkling like mad at the 2010 BAFTA’s (British Academy of Film and Television Arts – think, England’s Oscars).  While some stars like Kristin Stewart and Anna Kendrick chose to eschew jewelry (bite your tongue!), the majority of the actresses in attendance glittered and gleamed just like the stars that they’re associated with, dripping with gems, including some beautiful blue sapphires.

Speaking of which … while I may have a one-track mind, and while all of the outfits were beautiful, I was a big fan of one in particular: Joely Richardson shone in sapphire-blue silk with delightfully Edwardian jeweled serpent straps, in an outfit that exemplified old-school Hollywood glamour, made all the better by her presence on London’s red carpet.


Congratulations to all the nominees and all of the award winners!   And, as we’re just under two weeks away from the Oscars, scheduled for March 7th, it’s nice to know there’s another dose of glamor awaiting us … I wonder which trends will fade (you can guess the one at the top of my list, I think), and which will grow by then.  As a fan of the traditional red carpet, I’m hoping for dangling glittering earrings, and draping necklaces.  Or perhaps some star who reads our blog might be in the mood for a custom sapphire suite?

Blue Sapphire EarringsBlue Sapphire Necklace

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Make every day Valentine’s Day with a Heart-Shaped Sapphire


Romance is for every day, not just Valentine’s Day.  Every year, we hear protests against Valentine’s Day.  “It’s an artificial holiday!” the haters cry.  “You should show your partner how much you love them every day!” they say.  It’s an admirable sentiment, but how often do most of us find the time for specific romance on a regular basis?  The annual celebration most definitely has its place.

But on the off-chance that Valentine’s Day has come and gone but you’re still wanting to capture its spirit on one of those other days, just like they tell you you ought to … we definitely have what you’re looking for.


JS595 is just one of our beautiful heart shaped semi mountings

For example, let’s say this Valentine’s Day made you realize that, yes!, she’s the one, and you want to propose in the spirit of the realization.  Should you wait a year?  No!  But you do want her to remember it for years ….  I’d suggest you find a romantic place and propose her with a heart shaped blue sapphire three stone ring.


Just consider JS49, with its round diamond or sapphire side-stones!

A heart shaped sapphire engagement ring might be hard to find, but it is considered to be a very symbolic gift: the shape advertises your love, and the sapphire is well known as a stone promoting fidelity, loyalty, and love in the language of gemstones. A heart shaped sapphire engagement ring will definitely signify a meaningful and cherished love affair.


Or, for the full romantic package, perhaps a 3 of Hearts like ring setting JS495, set with a pink sapphire?

Simple heart shaped sapphires make good-looking promises, whether they come in the form of engagement rings or other things – perfect for a proposal or anniversary gift.


A heart of gold deserves a heart of gold … and sapphire, like yellow sapphire Y2521

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The Sapphire Solution


Women are complex creatures … or so we’ve been told.

Whenever we think of getting ourselves a piece of jewelry, especially beautiful and colorful natural sapphires, we consider many details, such as: will this sapphire color compliment my skin tone? Does it this particular sapphire color and shape goes well with the jewelry design I have in mind? Most important of all, can this jewelry easily be  incorporated into my daily wardrobe? Considering all the aspects, it is a tough decision to make!  Luckily, natural sapphires offer options for every occasion and every variation on personal taste.

With so many choices and aspects to take into consideration, it is very important for a woman to pick the right piece of jewelry to balance all those concerns. So, my personal pick? A beautiful violet sapphire set in white gold ring with a bead-set halo. Cushion-cut sapphire U2732 has a brilliant cut and a hint of cool winter in its hue. Setting this sapphire in one of our custom jewelry settings, with the subtle gleam of tube-set round diamonds at the four corners will make for a stunning ring.  And, even if the complex creature in your life might prefer a different cut or color, what’s a better way to express your love than by putting a gallery of hearts in as a little secret for the two of you to enjoy together?



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More precious than rubies ….


They say a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies, but that doesn’t mean that even the most virtuous of women wouldn’t appreciate one!  The thing is, just as she’s truly, honestly, and really virtuous – a phrase that possesses the specific connotation of honesty and wisdom – you’ll sort of want to be certain that you’re presenting her with real rubies.

Recent reports from San Francisco’s CBS 5 and ABC’s Good Morning America have brought to light the common practice of selling glass-filled rubies as natural stones, with no regard for their intrinsic value (or lack thereof), or the care that they require: while rubies and sapphires may be 9s on the Moh’s scale, the hardest natural gem substances after diamonds, treated stones are fragile and need to be babied; their fillers can be damaged or ruined by anything from household cleaning products to lemon juice.   Macy’s department store was the focus of these reports, but considering the fact that 99% of rubies and sapphires on the market are routinely treated but that considerably less are disclosed as such … well, it’s enough to make a virtuous woman feel a tad concerned.

So consider natural sapphires and rubies, sapphires and rubies that have been properly certified.  In Hindi, ruby is called ratna raj, king of gems: naturally appropriate when you’re looking for a gift that’s fit for a queen.

.70 Carat Natural Burmese Ruby RingNatural Ruby Pendant2.45 Carat Burmese Ruby

A vivid ruby ring like J1568?  A crimson pendant like J1259?  Or, perhaps a loose cushion like U559, to be mounted in the custom jewelry setting of your choice?

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The Diamond Scheme


The diamond market is a relatively new industry created through a marketing phenomenon.  Not too long ago the diamond market was created and controlled by a massive mining cartel called DeBeers.  The company controlled dozens of mines worldwide for generations.  Demand was created through DeBeers ingenious marketing, which created the tradition of the diamond engagement ring.  Diamonds are in enough supply for literally hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people to own a fine quality diamond.  Mines exist on almost every single continent around the world.  The supply is limitless, yet the cost is high.

Today DeBeers is still a very strong company in the diamond industry, but they have serious competition from other nationally run diamond mines in places like Russia, Batswana and many other countries.

What makes natural untreated sapphires so unique and rare is that there is no large company that mines these stones.  No single government or country has any great influence on market supply or demand.  Sapphires are traded in a completely free market system.  They are far more rare than diamonds, extremely durable and very unique in that they come in every color in the rainbow.


Consider our collection of unique natural sapphires ….

A fine quality natural sapphire ring is a perfect engagement ring, fashion statement, family heirloom and investment.

Diamond Invention Sapphire Halo Ring


If you would like to learn more about the diamond trade and the history behind its marketing, might appreciate this article from The Atlantic: “Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

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