What caused this problem? Who is to blame?  What is the resolution?  Who is going to fix it? These are all very big questions. It seems that many short cuts were made by many people in order to make big … Continue reading


A customer approached our company the other day interested in creating a set of sapphire jewelry consisting of a beautiful natural untreated blue emerald cut sapphire in a stunning custom mounting with a pair of matching emerald cut sapphire earrings. … Continue reading


Blue, once again, is an extremely popular color here in 2009.  Blue is always a favorite leading into spring and summer, but after last summer when blue was so strong, it assures to dominate the palette this spring and into … Continue reading


Selecting a natural sapphire wedding band for that special someone is not quite as difficult as deciding on the natural sapphire engagement ring, but none the less you want to make sure that you get the perfect sapphire band that … Continue reading


Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we are not just selling you a generic finished piece of sapphire jewelry, but instead we are creating you a one of a kind custom finished piece of sapphire jewelry built exactly to your … Continue reading


Rarity translates to value.  Since recorded time, man has sought after rare items of value.  Rarity is sought in all type of valuables.  From a true friend, to a fine quality sapphire.  We all search and cherish something that is … Continue reading


A normal request that I receive often from our sales department is to create custom renderings using a particular natural untreated sapphire and mounting.  Take for example this request to place this beautiful natural untreated blue sapphire, B3069, set in … Continue reading


The color of natural untreated sapphires is something uniquely special due to the fact they are created simply by the earth. Natural sapphires color is completely organic and not something that was man made in a lab or heated to … Continue reading


Natural untreated sapphires have been widely known for their special powers since ancient times. Different colored untreated sapphires possess different distinct properties. It is believed that natural sapphires can bring you such things as fortune, fame, success, love and even … Continue reading


Value is a key point when buying sapphire jewelry. As the trend for jewelry items of superior quality and timeless appeal continues, we find many people turning to natural sapphire jewelry. Sapphires are the natural choice as they are considered … Continue reading