This is a historic time for blue sapphire rings! Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring started a storied tradition in the royal family. The recent news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement is front page news. This is … Continue reading

Today the news of Prince William’s engagement to long time girlfriend Kate Middleton has been announced. With much excitement and anticipation  we awaited news and images of the Royal Engagement ring. Prince William, in a loving tribute to his mother … Continue reading

We’re VERY excited about  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s long awaited engagement. Kate Middleton receiving Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring is worthy of a story book ending. There is no better place for this historic blue sapphire than on the … Continue reading

Not only have we updated our web site with videos of our natural untreated sapphires, but we are also adding videos for our sapphire jewelry pieces. No doubt, it’s going to take awhile to update the videos for all of … Continue reading

We have an array of different colored natural sapphires in many different shapes and sizes, but this one was exceptionally unique due to its cut.  Everyone here in the office talked about the extraordinary shape of this untreated blue sapphire … Continue reading

As the holiday season is quickly approaching we have added many new jewelry arrivals to our inventory.  They make perfect gifts, and of course since they are ready to purchase you will  not need to wait for the manufacturing time! … Continue reading

Natural untreated yellow sapphires are one of the world’s most prized precious gemstones and when set into rings create stunning pieces of finished jewelry. The wearer of the untreated yellow sapphire inherits worldly happiness, physical power, cleverness, long life, prosperity … Continue reading

Antique jewelry designs have become increasingly popular amongst consumers over the past few years.  The intricate Antique style designs on the basket and detailed work on the shanks make for a perfect complement to our beautiful natural sapphires.  So it … Continue reading

The term cabochon refers to one of the oldest cutting styles for gemstones and sapphires.  Rather than faceting a gemstone, the stone is cut to have a smooth, glasslike polished surface.  The most common cabochon cut is an oval with … Continue reading

My daughter Nancy is nine years old.  I’ve watched her fascination with gemstones grow since she was a very young child. When she visits me at work she sits down and ‘studies’ the sapphires up and down. She looks at … Continue reading