My Custom Made Laurel Wreath Ruby Ring

While browsing through our inventory last month for my post about natural untreated rubies, I came across a lovely deep red ruby, U3216.  A lot of the time customers tell us that they saw a sapphire that was just too good to pass up.  Now I know that I’m not immune to that impulse either!

Natural Untreated Cushion Cut Ruby

The original photo of U3216

I knew I wanted to make something unique, so I sketched out a ring inspired by the classical design of the laurel wreath.  After working with our amazing CAD designers to create a 3D model, the ring was cast, set, and polished.

The finished result is awesome!

natural untreated custom made ruby ring

Natural untreated custom made ruby ring side view

If you have a design that you’ve drawn up, or an idea that isn’t even on paper yet, don’t be afraid to contact us about creating a jewelry piece from scratch.  Our designers are extremely talented and are happy to work with you to create the perfect piece of natural sapphire jewelry.

  • Vicki

    That is really wonderful. How much would it be to purchase?

  • Lani

    I am in love with this ring. Is it possible to make another one of these?

  • Mrs Hourston

    What a beautiful ring. Is it expensive to buy? Kind regards

  • Ms. Kayla K

    This is so beautiful! I would love to design a ruby ring inspired by one given to Patti Hanson by Keith Richards as an engagement ring. The band was a thick gold vine pattern. What would the time frame be like? Cost?

  • Josh

    Lovely bit of trinket – any idea what the dimensions are and the price?

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  • Mary Janzou

    Your ring design is very lovely!

    I am looking for a laurel wreath design suitable for a necklace in which to set a diamond. Can you assist me?

    I do not have a web site; the above is my email address.

  • Sincere Campagna

    Thanks so much for the blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  • Virginia

    My boyfriend & I are finally getting engaged after dating for ten years and U think this ring is perfect!!! The rose is my favorite flower and you do have the leaves, even if the stone is an emerald cut. Plus my birthday is in the 29th of July, which makes the Ruby my birthstone!!! I think your ring is absolutely gorgeous would be perfect!!! Could you please tell me the cost for this ring and how long if a wait til I receive it? Would appreciate it!
    Sincerely, Virginia D.

  • Megan

    Please contact me with pricing details for this setting!