Elegant Custom Sapphire Wedding Bands

Selecting a natural sapphire wedding band for that special someone is not quite as difficult as deciding on the natural sapphire engagement ring, but none the less you want to make sure that you get the perfect sapphire band that your loved one will cherish for years to come.  The sapphire wedding band reflects the eternal and everlasting love involved in your marriage, so you want to make sure that this band is unique and wearable.

Elegant custom natural untreated blue, yellow, and pink sapphire wedding bands

Custom Unique Natural Untreated Blue, Yellow, and Pink Sapphire Wedding Bands


If you think a sparkling diamond band is to expensive and generic for you, then think about getting a natural untreated sapphire band for your loved one.  These sapphire bands are both extremely elegant as well as affordable, and also come in many styles and colors so you are able to customize your band according to your loved ones taste.  Along with the different styles and colors available in our sapphire bands we also offer different stone shapes for our natural untreated sapphire bands such as round, princess, baguettes, asscher, and we have even done oval in the past

This is one of the most cherished pieces of sapphire jewelry your loved one will ever own, so why not make that band a stunning unique sapphire band that she will be sure to adore for years to come.

  • Meri Barr

    I am looking for a pretty sapphire and diamond band for my three-stone diamond engagement ring (center stone is 3 carats flanked by 1 carat diamond). If you have any ideas, please let me know.
    Many thanks!

  • Jane Pellera

    I never thought of having a blue sapphire wedding band. I have a solitaire stone and want to add some color with the wedding band and I might try this instead!

  • http://www.skypeschools.com Mike C.

    Dear Joe,

    The wedding ring and band you created for my wife are beautiful. She loves them and never takes them off.

    Now, she is all over the NSC website with Lady Di/Kate Middleton craze. I better watch out. But instead of blue, because she has one, she has fallen in love with your pinks!