Made by Machine, or Made by Nature?


Wow. They can now grow diamonds! Huge ones! in laboratories, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from those that come out of the ground.

This has to be great on so many levels. Beautiful diamond jewellery for all, as no doubt the prices will plummet as the technology gets better (think cinema-size TV screens). And I guess some of that human exploitation associated with diamond mining in some of the world’s poorest nations may decline (to be replaced by … ).

The scarcity of diamonds, one of the very things that has made them so expensive over the years, could be coming to an end. If machinery can churn them out, then there’s no limit! That special, unique stone, unlike any other … Well, actually, how many would you like madam?

And as they become more profligate, as their price and value drop, what are the longer term implications? One of the very central factors as to why the best jewellery commands a good price is that it is ‘Special’. It is something rare, something unique.

Will couples want a machine made diamond ring for their engagement? A ring that, with any luck, she might wear everyday for the rest of her life?  I have my doubts. Not when there are such beautiful, colourful and unique alternatives available. I mean Sapphires. Natural sapphires, those untreated gems that have been solely created by a combination of nature and the skill of the sapphire cutter and polisher. Each stone utterly unique. They’re stock will surely rise as the available market for genuine natural gemstones shrinks. Although, to be fair, untreated sapphires have always been exceptionally rare and have never gone down in market price over recent decades.

Above all else though, they are incredibly beautiful. If you like colour, they come in fabulous blues, pinks, yellows, reds, you name it. And all these delicious naturally coloured sapphires can be matched and complimented by a vast range of ring setting metals (white-gold, platinum, rose-gold, etc.).

Their enduring beauty is guaranteed. It looks like we might soon be able to offer the same guarantee for their value! Beauty and Brains. If love is in the air, it might be an excellent time to consider a natural sapphire engagement ring.



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Natural Sapphire Ring hidden in World War II is found !!!



In World War II many people lost everything, they couldn’t take or keep much of anything when their entire lives were transformed nearly overnight. What many of them did do is try to save their most precious jewelry items. This story of a sapphire ring hidden in a teddy bear is an example of the enduring personal value that fine jewelry can have for a person.

Natural untreated sapphire rings are far more rare than heated sapphire rings and this makes them even more precious and valued.

Check out this story on the sapphire ring which was nearly lost during WWII

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Sapphire Engagement Rings History

Sapphires have been considered a worthy gemstones since 800BC. The Romans were the first to utilize engagement rings to demonstrate the respectable plans of the man of the hour. The custom of engagement rings as we right now know it started in 1215, when Pope Innocent III founded a compulsory time of ”engagement”. Amid this same period, it was said that a sapphire’s shade would change or blur if a sullied or untruthful individual worn it. The loyalty of the wives of the Crusades is said to have been tried with sapphires when their spouses came back from their battles.

Engagement rings became prominent in the fourteenth or fifteenth century among illustrious and rich families. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and precious stones were all utilized as a part of these early engagement rings. Symbolizing sentimental affection, truth and duty; sapphires were most loved option.

Amid the eighteenth and nineteenth century, jewels costs declined when precious stones from Brazil and Africa overflowed the markets. This made sapphires, rubies, and emeralds more important and uncommon than common semi-precious stones. As an issue, engagement rings with rare hued color blue were more alluring. Numerous individuals agree in modern times, hence the popularity of blue sapphire engagement rings being used.

The first influential person to pick a sapphire as an option for an engagement ring was mentioned in Leslie Field’s book, The Queen’s Jewels: The Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II, that the Royal family has a long history of giving sapphires for engagement rings. The most well known being Prince Charles who gave Lady Diana Spencer an expensive oval sapphire engagement ring. While Rubies are viewed as the King of stones, Sapphires are said to be stones of Kings.

The name sapphire originates from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros‘, both related to the color blue.



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Finding the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring..!!



I’m so sorry, you must think I am a right pain asking so many questions …”.

Not in the least.

What quickly dawned on me after starting as a sales representative at The Natural Sapphire Company, was that my primary role is to help people find the item of jewellery that will make them completely happy – And that usually means a sapphire engagement ring. Basically I am an advice worker, trying to guide people towards finding the right ring for them. The last thing anybody here wants is for a client to purchase a sapphire ring and find they are not happy with it. That would spoil the whole show!

So when I hear a client say the above, I promptly reply “Not at all! This is a hugely important decision. You must be completely happy with the ring you choose. Ask as many questions as you need and never feel under any pressure to make a decision”.

Although in saying all this, some clients don’t ask many, or even any questions. The 3D preview images we provide of their sapphire engagement ring design are often enough to tell someone that this is the ring for them (.. or for their hopefully for their soon to be ‘better half’). Our dedicated 3D design team are producing fabulous images (see example below of renderings) which provide a virtual showroom experience for our clients, where they can inspect their sapphire engagement ring design.

If that wasn’t enough we have recently introduced sensational short video files into our package; 20 seconds of HD video of your unique sapphire ring design. Amazing. Little wonder so many people go straight to the check-out. There’s an example in the link here.

What really makes this job so exciting though, is that we are invariably working with people who are preparing for a special occasions in their lives, and want to celebrate this occasion with a piece of jewelry. A retirement gift perhaps, an anniversary, there are so many important moments worthy of celebration. However the most common reason people approach the Natural Sapphire Company is because they are planning to get engaged – What could be more special?

Imagine how exciting it is to help someone design and then create their perfect sapphire engagement ring. It is so rewarding, and the relationship you develop with the client can even become a friendship. You actually share in their joy.

That’s why this is such an amazing and unique position. Of course sales matter, because if we didn’t make any there would be no business, but the pleasure in helping someone find something so important and special as the engagement ring they will possibly wear every day for the rest of their lives – Well that is something else.


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The Growth of the Colored Stone Market..!!

It’s not daily that the informal “Ruler of Diamonds” purchases the same Ruby at closeout for the second time in succession. That was precisely what happened a month ago when Laurence Graff paid $8.6 million at the closeout in Geneva for a Burmese Ruby. Separated from that, the shaded stone business is a great deal more nuanced when it come to evaluating than the standard set of decides that manage jewel reviewing. The standard “four C’s” precious stone evaluating guide has a tendency to be an unbending appraisal of cut, clarity, color and carat weight. On the other hand, not all sapphires are the same! For a considerable length of time, mines in Kashmir, Sri Lanka and Burma have been well known for delivering stones with profound shade.

At the outset a fantastic stone ought to have three things; a profound color tone, few obvious in-corporations, and symmetrical faceted cut. Continuously believe your eyes, particularly in appreciation to the coloration and cut, yet believing your eye is impossible for going with paperwork like receipts, examinations and so forth. Anyhow fortunately for you, lab assessments by associations like GIA and Gubelin will help you with extra assurance.despite this, as the business becomes, pink sapphires have demonstrated more well known for its brilliance and color intensity.

As it goes to show, vintage adornments is a surefire approach to put resources into quality without trading off style.


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Stolen Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Ends Well..!!

A bride whose hand-made engagement ring was stolen at a Wisborough Green church on her wedding day has enjoyed a ‘fairy tale ending’ to the saga after being given an exact replica by a kind-hearted jeweler.

Caroline Granshaw was left ‘heartbroken’ when a thief swiped a bridesmaid’s handbag containing the sapphire and diamond-encrusted platinum band from St Peter ad Vincula, off Billingshurst Road, on Saturday June 7.

Despite a £1,000 reward the stolen ring has not been tracked down, but jeweler Ashraf Ahmed was so moved by the couple’s plight he has given them an identical ring.

The bride’s delighted family hailed his generosity as a ‘fairytale ending in this season of goodwill’.

Mrs Granshaw said: “I am truly overwhelmed by Mr Ahmed’s generosity. It’s been a difficult time as it cast a shadow over our wedding day but I’m thrilled with my new ring and I can’t thank him enough.”

The bride was left in floods of tears when she discovered her engagement ring had gone just minutes after she tied the knot with James Granshaw.

The £6,000 ring was lovingly hand-designed by her husband at an ethical London jewelers, and the couple said it was of ‘priceless’ sentimental value.

British-born Mr Ahmed spotted an article about the theft while passing through HongKong airport and was so upset he made an offer to replace the ring with a royal blue Sapphire stone selected from his jewel collection in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

His design team carefully set it in platinum with diamonds to match the original design, which was painstakingly drawn up by Mr Granshaw, 29, a qualified barrister and legal adviser at Waverley Borough Council.

Mr Granshaw’s father Mervyn, a retired airline pilot from Guildford, said the family were distraught following the theft.

He said: “This week the ring was delivered to James and I now have a very happy daughter-in-law again with a beautiful ring back on her finger. We are delighted.”

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The Royal Order of Sapphire Engagement Rings

There is a rich history of sapphire rings to mark engagements or weddings in the British Royal history.

First, Lady Elizabeth Bowes -Lyon(shown above) received a sapphire ring from the Duke of York. Next came the Queen’s diamond and platinum ring which was somewhat of a rare piece among all of the colored-stone rings.

Following them, Lady Diana Spencer chose a large oval sapphire ring surrounded by 14 round diamonds, set in white gold as her engagement ring.
After the tragic death of Princess Diana, this glorious sapphire engagement ring rests on Kate Middleton’s ring finger.

The chain doesn’t end there. The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, was presented with the ring belonging to the beloved grandmother (the Queen mother) of the Prince of Wales. Though it is an impressive ring and surely extremely valuable, its cut does not reflect light well and it doesn’t always look its best in a photo.

The story of the Royals with their splendid choices doesn’t just end here, it just keeps on going, making it more and more interesting each time.

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Kate Middleton’s Royal Sapphire Engagement Ring



The most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world has been photographed around the world for more than 33 years. The original engagement in February 1981 was world wide news; and sapphires from Sri Lanka have forever been on the rise.

As quote from Wikipedia here:

“Diana selected it because it reminds her of her mother’s engagement ring. Leslie Field stated: “She (Diana) had obviously already said she would like a sapphire; she had half a dozen rings and she chose this one purely because she liked it.” and “Somebody came up with the story that she immediately went for the biggest, but I asked her and she told me it definitely wasn’t the biggest, she simply thought it was very beautiful.”

Sapphires are fantastically more rare than diamonds, extremely durable to last a life time, and they come in all colors, but most popular are the soft velvety blue tones.

We’ve created the largest design replica ever made in the ‘Princess Diana’ Sapphire Ring which can be seen here.

Replica of the “Princess Diana” Sapphire Ring



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CNN Money Features Sapphire Engagement Rings and The Natural Sapphire Company


Recently a reporter from CNN contacted us to talk about the trending diamonds-alternatives; sapphire engagement rings being the most sought option.

The reporter said that she reviewed many company’s and found ours to be most credible with our policy of full disclosure on any treatments to our sapphires.

Further she liked our charity foundation.

Educational Programs – Peralanda, Sri Lanka




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Sri Lankan Sapphires and GIA Article


The 423ct Logan Sapphire

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) did a very fine job in publishing a recent article on the sapphire and gem trade in Sri Lanka. There are some excellent updates that are taking place in the country just in the last few years that previously would have been unthinkable. Technology is working its way into every part of the sapphire markets.

If you’d like to read about the latest trends in the largest natural sapphire market place in the world this article is a good read.

The GIA continues to lead far an above any other organization in the sapphire and gemstone industry. Our sincere thanks for them staying true to their founding mission.

Sri Lanka produces a variety of prized gemstones

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